The End Of Paxil Progress?

I’m planning on finishing up blogging by the end of this year (as I mentioned in a previous post). However, I plan to leave my blog online as I feel it is a very important resource for psychiatric drug casualties (particularly for those who took Seroxat/Paxil). It also documents GSK’s criminal history- and contains numerous other issues relating to the Seroxat scandal etc- therefore it will be left open for anyone to read.

Yesterday a website called Paxil Progress went offline suddenly and it seems that it has been taken offline permanently. The site had been running for 14 years, and there are literally tens of thousands of stories of people’s experiences with psych drugs contained in its various forums. It is (or was) an incredible resource for psych-drug users and an incredibly useful information sharing portal. When I was looking for help and guidance throughout my very difficult Seroxat withdrawal, I found the support and advice from members of Paxil Progress invaluable. It seems a terrible shame that this vital resource has now been effectively wiped from the internet. Over the years Paxil Progress gathered literally tens of thousands of members, hundreds of thousands of posts, and a huge community was created. Now it seems, that’s all gone…

I understand that the admin moderator, Scotty (Laurie Yorke), seems to have just had enough of moderating the site (running sites like that can be thankless, tiring and stressful), and it was a site which was certainly no stranger to drama and controversy, but what I don’t understand is: why was the site shut down completely? Why was is shut down so quickly? (within a day it seems) and also what will happen to the information contained in the site?

Surely there were also other people (moderators, long term members etc) who would have been willing to continue administrating the site- to keep it going?

Anyhow, we might never know the full facts, but thankfully there is another website called Surviving Antidepressants, which many of the previous Paxil Progress members seemed to  have flocked to. For those suffering from anti-depressant/psych drug withdrawal and side effect issues, it’s a site which might be worth checking out…

I sincerely hope that Laurie can maybe pass the Paxil Progress site on to others who might be interested in moderating PP, and that the information can be opened up again for people to see online, if not- it seems to me that an entire history of many people’s experiences has been needlessly erased, and that- in my opinion is a shameful travesty…




Seroxat/Paxil/Aropax Side Effects … A Mother’s perspective…

This video testimony is from the mother of a child put on Paxil (Seroxat/Paroexteine).

SSRI anti-depressansts annihilate the personality and many young people are particularly vulnerable to the insidious effects of these drugs.

Paxil can cause severe personality changes, and aggression is a well established side effect of SSRI drugs.

This video is of Laurie Yorke, her son Ryan was prescribed Paxil and he developed psychosis; he self harmed, he was ‘death obsessed’ and he had plans to blow up his school. He went into cold turkey withdrawal after a few days off Paxil and went into a psych ward. The psychiatrist then tried to slap a label of bi-polar onto Ryan, but Laurie had by now, caught on to the scam of psychiatric medications and the dangers of SSRI’s, and she brought Ryan home.

After weaning Ryan off Paxil, he developed agoraphobia.

Laurie monitors a web site called ‘Paxil Progress’, which now gets 3 million hits a month.
For those going through any psychiatric drug problems, check out this website :

The Paxil Progress forum was literally a life saver for me when I came off Seroxat cold turkey at 25 years of age. At that time, (2001) none of us knew what could happen. There was no information about Seroxat on the internet apart from Paxil Progress. We were effectively, left in the dark, by GSK, the doctors and psychiatrists.

How many people failed to find help?, How many people still fail to get adequate help with SSRI withdrawal and side effects? How many people did GSK let die from Seroxat over the past 20 years? Will we ever know?</a