Seroxat Link 1 : The Hypnotic Narcotic


What exactly is in the chemical compound of Seroxat which makes it so Addictive?…
Why do we call it a “Hypnotic Narcotic”?..
Why does it induce such horrific withdrawls?..

We believe the “hypnotic” element to be a very important part of the Seroxat Chain.

Seroxat/Paxil ( chemical name paroxetine) was first registered by a german drug company Boehrinnger Ingelheim as a ” hypnotic drug for human use”.So, effectively Seroxat is not and never has been an SSRI or an anti-depressant at all.It is in fact in the class of “hypnotics”. Strange how after been accquired by GSK it would then go on to be approved by drug regulatory bodies such as the American FDA and UK’s MHRA for depression, post traumatic stress disorder , generalised anxiety, panic disorder and OCD. Strange how it mysteriously moved from one category to another.

How could a Hypnotic drug be useful for these “disorders”?
How can a drug company get away with marketing a “hypnotic” drug for a wide variation of “psychiatric disorders”? How close to a narcotic is a hypnotic?

Some answers and some more questions can be found here :

Paxil Us Patent ( Registered as a Hypnotic Drug For Human Use )


A Seroxat Side effect called “Somnolence” Occurs in 23% of patients in a Clinical Trail Submited to the FDA in 2003 ( )
Somnolence is also a major characteristic of Hypnotic drugs…
And it is also a major characteristic of Narcotic drugs…

Hypnotic drugs are a class of drugs that induce sleep (which differentiates them from the sedative category), used in the treatment of severe insomnia and in surgical anesthesia. Often the treatment of insomnia will not begin with drugs at all; however, as many, though not all hypnotic drugs are habit forming.

signs and symptoms of narcotic/opioid overdose include the following: euphoria, arousable somnolence (“nodding”), nausea, pinpoint pupils (except with Pethidine/Meperidine [Demerol]), hypoxia, or in combination with other types of drugs, coma, and seizures.

Could it be that Seroxat should have been classed as a “Hypnotic/Narcotic”… ?

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