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One of my posts was featured recently on ‘The Liberty Beacon‘, an online news site:

Glaxo Smith Kline, purveyors of Seroxat, the “mental health thalidomide”, in widespread bribery scandal

GSK Bribery

It appears from this report that Glaxo Smith Line the UK drug maker has a serious corruption/bribery problem. We can’t pretend we are surprised, given the generally criminal ethic level of Big Pharma. Nor are we surprised to learn that the company has admitted the number of cases of sales and marketing misconduct it faces is “very similar to those reported by other companies in our sector”. So they are all at it then are they? Of course they are! – Editor

The Liberty Beacon UK highly recommends that you visit GSK : Licence To (K)ill (Seroxat : The Mental Health Thalidomide) for more great articles and exposes of the psychoptropic drug Seroxat. See the featured article here

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The mission of The Liberty Beacon (TLB) project is to publish pertinent websites and produce media content (podcasts, telepodcasts, videomags, blogs, internet TV shows etc…) as well as to increase access to the abundance of uncoordinated alternative source media to the liberty movement or to any and all who wish to be informed and educated as to reality in this climate of political, social, health and economic turmoil.

One thing we are all aware of is that the MainStream Media is seriously remiss in its stated mission to keep the American people informed in real time on topics of importance by presenting timely and fact based reporting of events as they occur both in this country and across the globe. So TLB will do this in earnest knowing that an informed and educated society cannot and will not be subjugated!

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