What Is Evidence Based Medicine?

Interesting video which makes us question what exactly is ‘evidence based medicine’?

Ireland banned St Johns wort in 1999 (in a rather dubious manner) and  the state is now allowing an Irish pharmaceutical company to re-introduce it in a pill form (called ‘Pacifa’ – nice new Orwellian word there). Bear in mind that the anti-depressant market is worth around 70 million to the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland alone.

Seems to me that the pharmaceutical industry had a lot do with banning St Johns Wort in the first place. I have always thought that. (Brian Cowen was the minister over health at the time, that says it all really).

Amazing also considering I never heard of anyone going bat shit crazy on herbal remedies, or being suicidal or homicidal from them.

Can’t say the same about SSRI’s though.

Which brings me back to my original thought, what exactly is evidence based medicine?

It seems to me that evidence based medicine is merely just what pharmaceutical companies, doctors (and their economic/ideological interests) tell us it is.

But is there another evidence based medicine?

Perhaps with the advent of the internet- there is.

In regards to Seroxat, for example, there are tens of thousands of people’s experiences documented on the web. These experiences describe a very dangerous drug and they describe side effects in great detail- Is that the true evidence base? As opposed to the weak, easily manipulated, untrustworthy (short term) trials which are passed by the regulators to sell the drug?

Trials like Study 329?

…surely the real world evidence base (which we can correlate now from online sources) trumps these measly bogus trials?

Are we- the public- the real evidence base?