“Pussy Riot” and the Psychiatrists who condemned them…

“At the moment… it is often enshrined across legislation, in mental health law…that  the psychiatrist has the determining role in whether someone is incarcerated etc … that should not be the case..  we do not have the knowledge to justify that…” (Pat Bracken – Progressive Irish Psychiatrist)

The primary function of this blog is to expose the dangers of GlaxoSmithKline’s defective SSRI anti-depressant “Seroxat”, yet often I like to bring attention to the dangers and deception of psychiatry and other things. 

I am a big believer in advocacy, I believe in free-speech, truth and freedom of expression, therefore, naturally I have been following the recent “Pussy Riot” trial in Russia. For those of you that don’t know, “Pussy Riot” were an obscure feminist punk band who were recently jailed for protesting in Moscow’s main orthodox church. Through their brave act of defying Putin’s corrupt regime, almost overnight- they have become a global phenomenon and the poster-girls for post-modern revolutionary acts.

Human rights groups around the world, and many celebrities, such as Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney, have condemned the Russian authorities for what they believe to be a grave travesty of justice. I agree with them: “Pussy Riot” challenged the status quo, they dared to speak out, they dared to act.

All they are guilty of is: courage, ethical conviction and absolute bravery; noble and rare human qualities – which should be cherished and encouraged – not criminalized. 

Anyhow, so I have been following this trial in the media, and I noticed psychiatrists and psychiatric reports were involved for the prosecuting side in their  corrupt kangaroo court.  Psychiatric evaluations, diagnoses and court reports were used in order to build a a case of (politically-motivated) condemnation, and justification for imprisonment, of the three Women: 

From the Moscow Times: 

Moreover, it is obvious that the man who defiled the Nevinnomyssk cathedral was mentally unbalanced. Interestingly enough, Judge Syrova tried to prove the same thing about the Pussy Riot members. She cited conclusions from the prosecution’s psychological and psychiatric report that the three women suffered from “personality disorders” and thus should be isolated from society. Notably, the experts did not appear in court and could not be questioned by the defense.

This is how the psychiatrists described the defendants’ supposed disorders: Nadezhda Tolokonnikova shows signs of “an active life position … and a tendency to express her opinions categorically”; Yekaterina Samutsevich suffers from “obstinacy, decisiveness and a tendency toward oppositional forms of behavior during conflicts, along with subjectivist and vigilant character traits”; and Maria Alyokhina shows signs of “demonstrative, overrated self-opinion.”

Read more:http://www.themoscowtimes.com/opinion/article/why-the-pussy-riot-judge-hid-her-face/467052.html#ixzz24QGXHQyo

For those that wish to understand how psychiatry has elevated itself to this inhumane status of power, please watch this informative, inspiring and enlightening lecture by progressive Irish psychiatrist Pat Bracken. Pat Bracken has long been drawing attention to the dangers and deceptions of his own profession for a long time. Pat Bracken is also a brave and courageous man whom dares to challenge the status quo, and like “Pussy Riot”, and all other seekers of freedom and truth, he should be commended and applauded both for his sincerity and honesty, but ultimately for his unwavering humanity.