MHRA CEO Kent Woods Says of Seroxat:” We Have Never Said The Drug Is Safe”

MHRA CEO Kent Woods Says of Seroxat:” We Have Never Said The Drug Is Safe” 

Back in 2008, during a meeting with Seroxat users group members, Kent Woods of the MHRA (the medicines regulator in the UK), stated (about Seroxat) that the MHRA have “never said the drug (Seroxat) is safe”.  (scroll down to page 18 of 41 of the PDF). This statement is astounding, considering that the MHRA exist in order to “Safe-Guard the Public Health” (or so their motto claims anyhow!). So, if they never said the drug is safe, but they have said it should not be prescribed to under-18’s because it is harmful, then does that mean that the risks of Seroxat outweigh the benefits? If the MHRA cannot even assess that Seroxat is safe, does that mean that they are willing to admit perhaps that it could be unsafe?

Or are they just conveniently sitting on the fence, as many thousands of people suffer because of this lethal prescription drug? 

The full transcript can be accessed through the link above- it makes for very interesting reading indeed- particularly in light of GSK’s recent 3 Billion dollar fine for fraud and unethical marketing. 

Remember – this meeting took place in 2008- just after the MHRA decided not to prosecute- after 4 years of investigating GSK–  they said that there was insufficiently robust laws at the time.

Yet- 4 years later- in 2012- the US government secures a 3 Billion dollar settlement with the same company- even though the company is not an American company- but a British one. It seems to me that GSK are practically untouchable in the UK- yet they have committed the same crimes on British shores. Shameful is an understatement…