Ethical Psychiatrist Of The Day (they are rare): Joanna Moncrief

De-mystifying psychiatric drugs, a presentation by joanna Moncrief


David Healy and Critical Psychiatry

011 Andrew Herxheimer Talk & Panel Discussion with Professor David Healy, chaired by Dr Joanna Moncreiff- with closing remarks a

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Adverse side effects of medicines and anaesthetics also called adverse drug reactions (ADRs) or iatrogenic illness, is a major public health problem. Admissions to UK hospitals due to ADRs increased by 78% in ten years to 2009.

A remarkable conference to discuss the problems held in 2008, was organised by APRIL charity (Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link. This video clip is the panel session, the end of the conference and features most of the speakers and questions from the audience. Closing remarks by Dr Andrew Herxheimer, Millie Kieve (Founder of APRIL) and Lucille Grant (trustee of APRIL)

The session is chaired by Dr Joanna Moncrieff, psychiatrist, author of ‘The Myth of the Chemical Cure’ and member of the Critical Psychiatry Group who are concerned about over use of psychiatric medication.