Cafe Pharma : Where GSK Drug Reps Go To Dish The Dirt On Their Employers


I find it mildly amusing how some people- such as “Mr Bad Pharma”- Ben Goldacre– call blogs like mine- conspiracy theories. All my blog posts are backed up with research, and anyhow- most of my blog posts are news articles, and factual reporting from established news outlets (Reuters, The Guardian, Forbes etc). My contribution is usually just a commentary, an illustration of context, or an opinion on facts which have already been established. If Ben Goldacre (and others) think my posts are conspiracy theories, then they must also think that BBC Panorama generates conspiracy theories about GSK and Seroxat, or maybe they think that the US Department of Justice made up the allegations against GSK leading to the largest healthcare fraud and felony in US history? Maybe Ben (and those of his ilk) think that the whistleblowers themselves invented the allegations of mass off label prescribing, fraud and bribery of doctors and psychiatrists?

If Ben wants to research himself, and find out what GSK employees think of their employer’s behavior, he need look no further than the opinions and thoughts from GSK drug reps (and other employees) on the Cafepharma online forums:

“… let’s talk about the since less maiming and killing of children with GSK marketing tactics. Heck even add that they were aware, bud hid the data. We could always talk about the rat infested dump in P.R. that was a GSK manufacturing facility. You could also talk about the billions of dollars GSK cheated on it’s taxes during the Zantac days. Also you could speak about the deaths of children being tested with GSK vaccines in foreign countries. There is so much evil, hiding behind, helping people to do more and live longer…”

“I agree with the central question and it makes me angry. How can AW say that all those who are guilty of past misdeeds are gone, when he, himself, was there the entire time? Furthermore, he had a high-level position in respiratory marketing.

Adding insult to injury, MB, one of the primary whistle blowers, wrote the book on questionable marketing and sales tactics. He should be in jail. It’s an absolute travesty that he will benefit financially for doing (and encouraging) the very things he accused GSK of doing.”

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Default FBI Interviews Glaxo Employees

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have been interviewing current and former GlaxoSmithKline employees in connection with bribery allegations made against the drug maker in China, according to a person familiar with the matter, as fresh claims of corruption surfaced against Glaxo’s operations in Syria.

The interviews have taken place in Washington, D.C., in the past few months and are part of a Justice Department investigation into Glaxo’s activities in China, the person added.

Wall Street Journal


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Default Re: FBI Interviews Glaxo Employees
“Doesn’t matter. Corruption is just part of the way GSK operates. It’s amazing how long they have done it, might have to pay a few bucks in fines every now and then, and then keep on doing it! It won’t stop until the Feds put somebody in jail. But, they REAL culprits will always get away. They will sacrifice a flunky to save their own asses!”

“Once you don’t care anymore and you call their bluff and do nothing you realize they got nothing on you. More and more people are just not working anymore. No incentive too. GSK is helpless to stop it. Company is starting to rot from the inside out. Corruption and lies never result in success. “

“The laundry list of sins committed by GSK corporate put this company into a death spin. We got in so deep to the justice department that we had to voluntarily initiate this Patient First night mare that obviously doesn’t work. No one can claim that is succeeded on any level. As a result, we have a sales force that isn’t permitted to sell. We have no incentive to sell anything. Especially Breo which has a commanding 1% market share coming up on a year since launch.

This company has lost all ability to create success. The culture is toxic and it starts at the top. Sadly, in this job market- most of us have no where else to go so we’ll ride this out to the end. Which sadly doesn’t look like its that far away.

I wish Hollywood got to write the end of this story. The GSK executives that committed all of these crimes will end up like Gordon Gecko- In prison.”


“This is just another example of GSK’s complete inability act ethically on any level. It is just one embarrassing scandal after another for this management team. There have been so many now… it is hardly possible to keep track of them all.

The bottom line is that if this back alley dealing dirt bag would have kept his dick in his pants like a moral married man- there would be no way to catch him on camera taking ol’ one eye to the optometrist in China.

Sometimes karma shows up in the oddest ways.”

“You are taking it as gospel that what GSK are claiming is true. Have you not learned anything over the past 20 years about this company?

They also said Paxil was safe and effective in kids and also backed Avandia to the hilt.”

“Take off your rose tinted glasses and read between the lines.

This “We were bribed first” is nothing but a defence to keep Reilly out of jail. Follow the trail – Emails sent to top GSK execs (including Witty) – GSK hire a private detective (without actually telling him about the bribery accusations and sex tape). – Private detective investigates who GSK believe to be the whistleblower (GSK’s Head of Government Affairs, Vivian Shi) – Private detective can’t find anything on her.

GSK then tell private detective about emails and sextape – shortly after the private detective is arrested (He’s still detained in China)

Witty knew about the allegations yet decided to sanction $20,000 for Humphrey to investigate Vivian Shi (to see if she was the whistleblower)

As head of the company he should have been more concerned about the allegations of bribery,

surely $20,000 could have been spend on investigating the allegations rather than who was behind the allegations?

After they couldn’t find who the whistleblower was they decided to investigate the allegations, they found no wrong-doing – wow, that was some investigation given that the Chinese authorities found a hell of a lot of wrong-doing.

Let’s not forget Witty’s reaction when this story first broke.

“Sir Andrew Witty said bosses at the multinational pharmaceuticals company’s London headquarters knew nothing of the millions of pounds in bribes allegedly being paid to doctors and health officials to boost sales and raise prices.”

Knew nothing? He was sitting on a sextape and emails accusing his company of bribery, yet, he ‘knew nothing.

Are you following this or do you want me to draw pictures?”

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Default Any other shitty 3rd world countries we can bribe?

What have you done to make yourself feel proud!! Maybe we can bribe Nigeria or Libya next? Scum execs thought they could get away with it all .. Pretend you have patients first in the us while you rape 3rd world governmens ..
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Default Re: Any other shitty 3rd world countries we can bribe?

Screwing over the poor is nothing new. As a group, they are the easiest to expoit because they are desperate. GSK knows that their best return on investment with bribes is in the 3rd world. You can buy health officials for 10 to 1 over a developed nation.

If we are going to be criminals, we better damn well be the best at it!

If this is what we are getting caught doing- just think of how much more is going on that hasn’t come to light yet!?