Is Dolores O’ Riordain On Psychiatric Drugs?

The Cranberries lead singer, Dolores O’Riordain, allegedly assaulted an air-hostess, and an Irish police officer, during a recent air-rage incident which made headline news world-wide. My first thoughts when hearing this news was that she was likely prescribed psychiatric medication, such as SSRI anti-depressants. Dolores has suffered from depression in the past, so it is likely that she was treated with psychiatric drugs and it’s possible that she still is. SSRI anti-depressants can cause rage, personality changes, aggression, mania and a host of other behavioral problems, I know this because I experienced it myself on Seroxat. Most people don’t realize that the worst thing you can do when you are vulnerable is look for psychiatric ‘care’. The psychiatrists put patients on a never-ending psychiatric drug/diagnosis merry go round which often leads to massive damage and early death. I hope Dolores, or her family, educate themselves on psychiatry and the damaging drugs they prescribe before its too late…

Dolores O’Riordan being treated by psychiatric doctor after marriage split, mother reveals

Irish Rock star Dolores O’Riordan has split from her husband of twenty years, and is currently being treated by a psychiatric doctor and nurse to help her cope with the stress of her marriage breakdown, her mother has revealed.

Eileen O’Riordan said her superstar daughter, who was at the centre of an alleged air rage incident this week, was currently in a “very vulnerable” place.

“She is going through a marriage separation at the moment. That’s hard for anyone,” Dolores’s mum said in an interview printed in the Limerick Leader this morning.

“She is under the care of a psychiatric doctor at the moment, a very nice lady.”

The mother of the ex Cranberries singer said her daughter was “still in Ireland” and was being closely monitored by doctors.

“She has a nurse with her and a doctor who visits every day because she can’t go out.”

Delores married former Duran Duran band tour manager Don Burton in 1994 at Holycross Abbey, Tipperary, before a lavish ceremony at the Aherlow House Hotel.

Her mother said Dolores is keeping in close contact via phone calls with her children Taylor (16), Molly (13), and Dakota (9), who are with their father in his native Canada.

“They just know that mommy isn’t well at the moment.”

Dolores, who has sold tens of millions of records with her former band the Cranberries, as well as through her solo work, was arrested by Gardai at Shannon Airport last Monday.

The 43-year old was on board an Aer Lingus flight from New York to Shannon in which she allegedly assaulted a female air stewardess by stamping on her foot. During the course of her arrest she allegedly head butted a garda and spat in his face.

However, Eileen, from Ballybricken, Co Limerick, has claimed both women are “friends”.

Dolores’s mother also described in shocking detail the moment she found her daughter in a cell in Shannon Garda station.

“Dolores was inside a room, she was lying on the floor, curled up. She had her head covered and her face covered up. She was trying to protect herself. I gave her a hug. I tried to talk to her. She didn’t realise I was there at all. I put Lourdes water on her.”

“She didn’t know who I was, she was trying to cover herself from me,” Eileen recalled.

Reflecting on the alleged air rage incident, Eileen revealed she was “waiting” for her daughter to go into some sort of psychological meltdown.

She said Dolores was been “hassled for autographs and pictures” on board the plane and “just lost it”.

“I was waiting for it, hoping that it wouldn’t happen in New York. It would be awful because she wouldn’t have the (family) support there. She is suffering from a lack of sleep over the weeks and her brain is racing all the time. She is working very hard. When she was in New York, producing a new album, she kept saying, ‘when I go home to my mother in Ireland, I will be fine’.”

— David Raleigh

‘Air-rage’ diplomat blames overdose

By Richard Alleyne

The diplomat who went on an alleged drink-fuelled rampage during a flight home after the 2004 tsunami has said he was suffering from flashbacks and nightmares after witnessing harrowing scenes.

Yesterday Col Peter Roberts, MBE, 51, the defence attache to Thailand, said seeing hundreds of bodies and dealing with grieving relatives was the most difficult time of his life and changed him for ever.

Almost two months after the tragedy, Roberts is alleged to have gone on a drinking binge and abused passengers and crew on a flight from Abu Dhabi to London, Isleworth Crown Court was told.

He is said to have launched into a foul-mouthed rant against the king and religion of Thailand and threatened to kill anybody who tried to restrain him.

Roberts, who denies drunkenness on an aircraft, claims his behaviour was not as a result of drinking wine, whisky and port on the plane but because of taking the anti-depressant Seroxat and the stress over the tsunami.