“…..Serious security exposures across Glaxos global computers and breakdown of internal controls created a situation where users can bring down computers and change electronic data. People in Glaxo businesses brought this to attention of management but the information continues to be suppressed and withheld from the public….”

Anonymous GSK WhistleBlower 19/09/2019

Seems that there’s more GSK whistle-blowers out there.

I got an attachment in my e-mail in my inbox today which backs up the authenticity of the blog posts I have done about GSK’s dodgy manufacturing and IT processes.

GSK have been covering up that their manufacturing processes are not fit for purpose (this scandal is also putting millions of people’s lives at risk every day, year upon year – for decades)

GSK’s drug recalls over the years are staggering. (see here)

Why would this be?

Why do GSK have so many drug recalls? recalls ranging from splinters in millions of tubes of toothpaste, to asbestos contamination in various drugs. (see Cidra here)

It’s simply because GSK’s IT processes are broken, and the upper management are ignoring it, and covering it up.

Thanks to this new Whistleblower for getting in touch.

I hope there is more to come…




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