“….Former GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) pharmaceutical manufacturing quality control expert Cheryl Eckard Meads was presented the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the 15th Annual Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund (TAFEF) Conference for exposing rampant fraud at GSK’s Cidra, Puerto Rico manufacturing plant and for her efforts to forge alliances between whistleblowers and attorneys…”


It’s surreal to think in the same year of 2015- that Thomas Reilly was informing former GSK CEO, Andrew Witty, of the serious compliance and manufacturing malfunctions across GSK’s entire fleet of plants worldwide (a former GSK employee) Cheryl Eckard– was receiving an award for exposing GSK compliance breeches at GSK’s Cidra plant.

Did Glaxo learn nothing from Cidra?

Was the 750 million fine no deterrent for them?

It seems not.

Cidra’s compliance issues are the stuff of notoriety and are legendary in terms of unethical and dangerous pharmaceutical company behavior.

At GSK’s Cidra:

“...There was reason to believe that some of the medications were contaminated with bacteria, others were mislabeled, and some were too strong or not strong enough. It’s likely Glaxo would have gotten away with it had it not been for a company insider: a tip from Cheryl Eckard set off a major federal investigation….”

If Thomas Reilly is right, that GSK’s entire manufacturing systems are all potential Cidras, could that explain the dozens of recalls of GSK drugs over the years? (before, during and after Cidra)

I documented them here

If GSK CEO Andrew Witty was aware of these dangers to consumers, from potentially contaminated meds etc, why did he do nothing? why did he ignore Thomas Reilly’s pleas? (see my first post here)

In the following series of emails- taken from the publicly downloadable documents from Reilly’s case on Pacer, it seems that many in GSK are, and were, aware of GSK’s major manufacturing compliance issues. This is a public scandal of epic proportions. How many people are harmed, year upon year, from GSK’s compliance defects and contaminated drugs and products is anyone’s guess. Why are the MHRA or the FDA not doing anything about this scandal and danger to public heath?





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