“…And Glaxo intends to keep things similarly limited on the sales rep side, too; sales professionals will have to go through integrity training and compliance training “to even be eligible” for incentive-based compensation, Mullen said.

“Our values still very much remain at the core of GSK,” she added. “That is something we do not want to compromise on….”

Absurd article about a GSK executive trying to justify bribing doctors and then further making a fool of themselves by trying to convince us that GSK have, or had, any values.


The GSK corporate integrity agreement has barely lapsed and GSK intends to get back to these antics, which is basically legalized bribery. Bribing its reps with increased money to push the drugs harder.

This is exactly the kind of thing that leads to unethical behavior.


“….The five-year Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) includes novel provisions that require that GSK implement and/or maintain major changes to the way it does business, including changing the way its sales force is compensated to remove compensation based on sales goals for territories, one of the driving forces behind much of the conduct at issue in this matter.

Under the CIA, GSK is required to change its executive compensation program to permit the company to recoup annual bonuses and long-term incentives from covered executives if they, or their subordinates, engage in significant misconduct. GSK may recoup monies from executives who are current employees and those who have left the company.  Among other things, the CIA also requires GSK to implement and maintain transparency in its research practices and publication policies and to follow specified policies in its contracts with various health care payors….”

“Our five-year integrity agreement with GlaxoSmithKline requires individual accountability of its board and executives,” said Daniel R. Levinson, Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “For example, company executives may have to forfeit annual bonuses if they or their subordinates engage in significant misconduct, and sales agents are now being paid based on quality of service rather than sales targets.” 

Anyhow none of this is even relevant anymore considering that GSK’s entire manufacturing fleet is not fit for purpose!

Even if GSK does give incentives to its reps to increase sales, the meds themselves are coming from factories with an entirely defective operating system, which means that there’s the potential for any GSK product to be like a (dodgy) Cidra -like product!

See Whistle-Blower Thomas Reilly’s publicly available lawsuit documents here






One thought on ““Our values still very much remain at the core of GSK,” she added. “That is something we do not want to compromise on.”

  1. Values??? What values? To suggest GSK has values is a sick joke!!
    Sidney Wolfe in 2013 in the BMJ stated “GSK have a pathological lack of corporate integrity”

    Sidney states further in 2013:
    In the past three and a half years alone (2009 to mid-2012), criminal and civil penalties have totaled $18bn, well over half the total for the past 21 years. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) topped the list of repeat offenders with total criminal and civil penalties of $7.56bn since 1991, comprised six different federal settlements and an additional number with states. Pfizer was the second highest with $2.96bn. Overall, since 1991, 11 other companies also had criminal or civil settlements or both exceeding $50m on at least two occasions.
    An analysis of several of the repeat civil payments and criminal penalties by GSK and Pfizer based on publicly available government documents illustrates the failure of such large penalties and the parallel failure of the accompanying CIAs to curb such behavior.
    These escalating patterns of repeated criminal violations and civil settlements to resolve serious allegations of civil lawlessness hardly bespeak corporate integrity for GSK, Pfizer, or the many other companies who are also repeat offenders. We are forced to conclude that neither the current level of penalties nor corporate integrity agreements are effective and that there is a pathological lack of corporate integrity in many drug companies.
    GSK are criminal in every way!
    Would you employ a person who has run up over 7 billion in fines while holding themselves out to be a person of values!!

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