The Truth… at last.

“…Doctors across the United Kingdom will soon be told to warn millions of patients taking antidepressants that ending treatment can cause “severe” adverse effects and last much longer than previously advised…”



“...One 2010 study from Japan found that 78 percent of people trying to taper off Paxil (Seroxat) experienced severe withdrawal symptoms. Last September, London-based researchers James Davies and John Read received global coverage when they concluded, based on a meta-study of 23 earlier peer-reviewed studies, that “more than half (56 percent) of people who attempt to come off antidepressants experience withdrawal effects.” Further, almost half of them (46 percent) described the effects as “severe.”

In a March 2019 article on antidepressant withdrawal for the New York Times, Benedict Carey added, “Dutch researchers in 2018 found that 70 percent of people who’d had trouble giving up Paxil or Effexor quit their prescriptions safely by following an extended tapering regimen, reducing their dosage by smaller and smaller increments….”