let’s call a spade a spade..

It’s bribery, it’s not ‘performance based sales’. It’s bribing the drug reps to work harder on persuading the doctors to prescribe more GSK drugs to increase sales. Legal yes, legalized bribery yes, but bribery all the same. This kind of thing leads to drug disasters like Seroxat and Avandia, but seems Emma Walmsely doesn’t give a crap about that. It’s all about the money for the CEO’s, ethics out the window- as usual..


“…GlaxoSmithKline is to reintroduce performance-based bonuses linked to the number of prescriptions written for its medicines, reversing a company ban on the practice following a bribery scandal in the US…..”

“….GSK said that after a review of rival drugmakers’ policies on incentives, a return to performance-based bonuses would mean GSK was “more competitive when it comes to recruiting, motivating and retaining sales representatives and sales management with the right levels of expertise and experience”. The company was fined $3bn in 2012 after it admitted bribing doctors to write extra prescriptions for some products. As part of the settlement with US authorities, the drugmaker agreed it would no longer pay reps according to the number of prescriptions generated. That agreement has since lapsed…”


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