After spending £7.5 Million on a 5 year investigation into GSK, the serious fraud office decided to drop the case (see here). I wasn’t surprised at this, because GSK are one of the most powerful UK companies. They are the Pharma cash cow in the UK, and the powers that be in England were never going to let a little thing like international mass fraud, bribery schemes, corruption and damage to consumers of GSK meds, get in the way of GSK’s (and thus- the UK’s) lucrative profits were they?

Of course not..

However, despite the UK’s thoroughly cowardly approach to GSK’s consistent bad behavior, it seems that the Department of Justice and the SEC in the US are continuing their investigations- presumably based on some of the info gleaned from the UK’s expensive SFO investigation.

Whether any of the information from this SFO investigation will ever see the light of day, is another matter. Furthermore, whether the Department of Justice or the SEC will take any disciplinary action against GSK, in light of all this, also remains to be seen.

I won’t hold my breath.

Anyhow, See Page 92/93 of GSK’s annual report for more on this..





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