“..Nobody Has Ever Died From A Panic Attack…







…The fact is, Nobody has ever died from a panic attack’ said Dr Kate Lovett, Dean of the Royal college of psychiatry UK, in a column on anxiety in the Daily Mail in 2018.

I agree with Dr Kate, it is very probable that people don’t generally die from panic attacks. It doesn’t happen. However, over the last few decades many hundreds of thousands of people have been prescribed SSRI’s like Seroxat to ‘treat’ their panic attacks.

In the video at the end of this post Kate talks about ‘panic attacks’ and ‘panic disorder’ and she says that there are ‘some drug treatments, some antidepressant treatments help reduce the frequency’. But if nobody ever died from a panic attack, how do the drugs (which can cause anxiety, agitation etc) help with panic attacks?

She then goes on to discuss how ‘Generalized Anxiety Disorder’ can be treated with ‘anti-depressants and other medications can really help’.

Drugs like Seroxat have a litany of side effects such as agitation, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, aggression, akathisia ( and worse- etc), and with side effects like this, many people find that their anxiety and panic attacks get worse on SSRI’s like Seroxat. So why prescribe them if they are dangerous? and why prescribe drugs for panic attacks that can kill, or severely harm, someone- when the panic attacks themselves actually won’t kill them?

https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc/product/1161/pil (SEROXAT PIL)

The BBC made 4 documentaries on Seroxat, from 2002 onward. In these documentaries, ordinary people told the researchers how Seroxat made them manic, suicidal, suffer debilitating withdrawals, caused personality changes, increased anxiety, and worse. Many people, were prescribed Seroxat for panic attacks, and some of those people, lost their health because of Seroxat side effects. The Seroxat PIL’s are a horror story in themselves with side effects as long as both your arms listed in them.

But , ‘nobody has ever died from a panic attack’, says Dr Lovett. Yes this is true, people don’t die from panic attacks, however they can die, or be harmed extremely badly, from ingesting SSRI’s like Seroxat- which are often used to treat panic attacks- so does the ‘benefit’ outweigh the ‘risks’ here?


Dr Lovett’s colleague, Dr David Baldwin, and another colleague, Dr Nutt, were instrumental in helping to promote GSK’s Seroxat in the media in the late 90’s. It was around this time that Seroxat was dubbed, ‘the Shyness pill’, and GSK were trying to make more billions by opening new mental illness markets. Many tens,-if not hundreds, of thousands- of people were prescribed Seroxat for ‘panic attacks’, and many of those people likely would have suffered side effects, in varying levels of severity.

But, ‘nobody has ever died from a panic attack‘, says Dr. Lovett.

This is probably true enough..

However, over the decades, many people were harmed, or died, from being prescribed a drug like Seroxat- to treat their ‘panic attacks’…

How ironic..

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