Dr Peter Gordon’s saga with the Royal College of Psychiatry UK is shocking. His treatment at the hands of these ghouls is disgraceful. These emails from the Royal College display their complete and utter contempt for those who dare to challenge their lucrative (Pharma-funded) Power paradigm in the mental health arena

Peter is a light in the darkness.

The Royal College of psychiatry should be deeply ashamed of themselves and I think there should be a public inquiry into their dealings over the past 20 years.

Hole Ousia

A month before I resigned from the Royal College of Psychiatrists I made a Subject Access Request asking for College communications that involved me to be released. At the beginning of this month I recieved a large bundle of printed material from the College that exceeded 300 sides of A4.

Of this material supplied by the College 93 A4 sides had been COMPLETELY redacted and another 94 sides had everything redacted other than a subject heading, date, and/or partial address list [in other words NO content was provided].

Of the remaining material 32 A4 sides were full copies of my communications over the years with the College in relation to ethics, transparency of competing interests, and realistic medicine.

This is an example of one of the pages that was not fully redacted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists:

There was not a single page where material had not been redacted…

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