It seems that Glaxo CEO, Emma Walmsley, has perhaps quit her job at Glaxo to become a stand up comic? (as evidenced by the screen-shots).

However, there’s nothing funny about Glaxo’s 3 Billion Dollar Fine with the US department of justice (How many people were killed from dodgy off label prescribing from fraudulent behavior for this fine alone?)

There’s nothing funny either about concealing data, which results in the deaths or disablement of unsuspecting patients.

Nothing humorous in any of Glaxo’s crimes.

There is however, something very funny about the images of Emma Walmsley sprouting on about trust, particularly when you consider Glaxo are still currently under investigation by the serious fraud office in the UK, and also in light of Thomas Reilly’s case against them (currently pending).

It seems along with Glaxo’s ethics, its humanity and its morals, its entire manufacturing system is also not fit for purpose too (how many people are unknowingly being harmed from that fact alone?). How many dodgy meds end up maiming unsuspecting patients from Glaxo’s long list of product recalls?

See here for an extensive list..

It seems that Glaxo is a very tragic comedy act indeed.

“…..A senior whistleblower at GlaxoSmithKline is suing the drugs giant over claims his warnings about allegedly dangerous botched IT projects were hushed up by his superiors who eventually ended his 16-year career at the company.

Thomas Reilly worked around the world designing, installing and troubleshooting major IT projects at GSK production plants and at its UK and US data centres. 

He claims he warned for years of serious issues in IT systems in many countries that caused numerous factory shutdowns.

Yet, in a lawsuit filed against the firm in the US, he says his concerns were not properly acted upon by his superiors in Britain. In one case, he says his warnings about a Latin American plant were covered up by his manager for fear of alerting auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers….”








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