An extremely powerful resignation letter from one of the few ethical, humane (and non Pharma-compromised) psychiatrists in the UK- Dr Peter Gordon. Peter has long been a great advocate for those harmed by psychiatric medications. He has had direct experience of harm with the SSRI Seroxat. He also has tried to make his Royal College of Psychiatrists more ethical and transparent for many years.

Unfortunately the college’s response has been disappointingly lackluster and at times it seems Peter has been marginalized because of his views. At one point, a few months ago, he was told not to contact Wendy Burn (the royal college president) about his concerns. Peter has been treated disgracefully, and the Royal College should be ashamed. I hope that Peter continues on his path of blogging, writing, and bringing awareness to these issues. Perhaps now, free from the dogmatic chains of bureaucracy within the College of Psychiatry UK, Peter can be even more honest and transparent about his views. We need more Peter Gordon’s in this world in every facet. It’s a shame that the Royal College doesn’t value the beacons of hope and light like Peter, and instead protects it’s own interests, and Pharma’s interests, before ethics, and patient’s lives and health.

Hole Ousia

Saturday, 24th November 2018

To: The Registrar of the Royal College of Psychiatrists,
21 Prescot St, Whitechapel, London, E1 8BB

Dear Dr Adrian James,
Resignation as a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

I am writing with a heavy heart as I have decided to resign from the Royal College of Psychiatrists after nearly 25 years of membership. Please accept this letter as my formal instruction of resignation.

The reasons behind my decision are:

(1) Evidence does not support the conclusion of the Royal College of Psychiatrists that “the relationship between the College and Pharma is distant” [Vanessa Cameron, previous CEO, December 2016] and that “College policies and procedures around declarations of interest are sufficiently robust” [Paul Rees, current CEO, June 2018]. As a direct consequence informed consent and realistic psychiatry are compromised.

(2) I am concerned that the core values of the Royal College of Psychiatrists are not…

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