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I’ve decided to stop writing about the pharmaceutical industry, GSK and Seroxat. I know I have tried to stop before, and I have been sucked back in because – to be honest- GSK just kept providing me with controversies to write about over the years. They seem to be endlessly corrupt. They provide a never-ending supply of scandals to write about and I’m sure that GSK will continue to provide controversies soon, into the future-and perhaps for years and decades to come.

However, I don’t feel I have a lot more to say about GSK, it’s all been written in the 1389 published blog posts I’ve composed over ten years. I’ve made my case- I think (feel free to argue otherwise). 11 years of blog posts this month- I think I’ve said enough.

I have a few final things to say before I wrap up though.

I predict that the UK Serious Fraud Office Investigation into GlaxoSmithKline (rumored to conclude this year) will not- in any serious way- affect GSK or their business dealings in the UK. No GSK executives will do jail time (that’s a given). I also predict GSK will continue to be dogged by controversy for years and decades to come. I predict that more bribery allegations will surface elsewhere, and I predict that more allegations of shoddy GSK manufacturing practices will continue to surface, and I predict also that GSK will continue to hoodwink regulators about the dangers of their drugs like Seroxat (check out Tafenoquine), with new drug approvals into the future. And finally, I predict that GSK will likely get away with these crimes (apart from the odd slap on the wrist fine here and there) because they are really that powerful. I have long said that they ‘operate above the law‘ and I consider that will remain true, and it will continue long after I am gone.

As I have illustrated, GSK’s nefarious influence on the government, the legal profession, the universities, the regulatory framework, and every facet of healthcare, is beyond corrupt, it is absolutely ingrained into UK culture and has been for decades. A lot of people (very powerful people) are making a lot of money from milking the GSK cash-cow, and none of those people will rock the boat; their boat, or their friends’ boats. The GSK cash-cow creates unimaginable wealth for certain individuals, and all of those individuals (including current CEO Emma Walmsley, and former CEO’s Andrew Witty and JP Garnier) will gladly sell their souls and consciences on the altar of profit and money. This has been the way since civilization began, and no amount of blogging by people like me will change that because it’s part of human nature and also because a small percentage of the population are sociopaths. Some people worship money, and some value profit above human life: that’s a sad fact.

Survival of the fittest really means that the meanest, most callous, and most inhuman-humans always win in a savage hyper- capitalistic world. Think Trump or Tony Blair, FTSE 500 CEO’s, The Oil Industry, The Arms Industry etc. GSK, and its top executives are part of the same types of greedy, sociopathic cabals and that means profit at great personal expense to you, and me (the ordinary people just trying to survive) and the planet. The hot shot executives of Big Pharma see the world in terms of winners and losers, to them- the world (and us- the citizens of the world too) exist merely to be exploited. They value their bank balances. That’s all.

Despite the wretchedness of some of this content and the seriousness of the issues, I am satisfied that I have written this blog. It is a testament (and a document) for all the people GSK has harmed, maimed and killed over the years through their utterly unscrupulous practices. From Paxil, to Avandia, Myodil to Pandemrix, and many other GSK drugs (prescribed on, and off-label)- GSK has been indiscriminate with the impact of its bad practices. Its corporate murder, and maiming of people, has been as randomly chosen and executed as a school shooter pumped full of psychiatric drugs taking aim at a crowd on the street: the unborn, pregnant mothers, kids: all people; young and old: we are all targets of GSK.

We all all potential victims of dodgy inadequately tested meds, we’re all customers, and vulnerable patients.

We are also all target markets. We are all expendable and disposable for companies like GSK. Some people have estimated that GSK (through either corrupt marketing practices, hiding side effects, dodgy manufacturing or a combination of these) have killed tens of thousands of people. I reckon, over the decades, hundreds of thousands (if not perhaps millions) have died  because of GSK’s dodgy business practices. The effect of this damage on the families, friends, etc of the GSK victims leads to broader figure of societal damage.

In the words of former GSK CEO Andrew Witty….

“….what is the story of the drug industry? The story of the drug industry is wonder drugs. On the other hand, it’s danger drugs. Those are the two extremes that we have.

It’s kind of unavoidable.”

Deaths from GSK drugs would be more avoidable if GSK behaved more ethically, however Andrew Witty doesn’t really want to talk about that. Deaths from GSK drugs would be more avoidable if GSK didn’t hide side effects, and Emma Walmsley won’t talk about that will she?

It is simply scandalous how GSK (and other Pharmaceutical companies) get away with this utter disregard for anything but profit. But they do, and they will continue to.

So, with all that said, I bring this blog to a close.

Thanks for reading over the years, and thanks for engaging.

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So that’s me done.

Goodbye, and take care.





  1. kiwi

    Thank you for all you have done in bringing to the worlds attention these GSK criminals.
    If an individual had a CV like theirs they wouldn’t just be unemployable for life they would be doing life…in jail!
    All the best T30

  2. Diane Cullimore

    Thank you for standing up for all of us affected by GSK and people like me who still can’t get off Seroxat without endangering my life.Im 59 now and will probably still be on it when I get old and forgetful and forget to take my meds .God help us all.If there was a god that is.There is nobody that can help not even the medical profession.Its all a collusion and people are suffering and dying for profit.Take care of yourself now and good luck.

  3. hans1925

    Dear Truthman

    Can you get my story and my name from your page.

    When I try to get a job in Holland everybody is asking about my experiences on your page so I won’t get a job as long my name is under your message.

    So it’s not suitable to get a job down here when they read about me.

    Please get it off if you can do this quick I would be great full.

    Greetings and a pleasant new year,

    Hans Hakkenberg

  4. sarah25m

    You have given a lot of your time to raising awareness of the dangers of GSK and psychiatric drugs generally. I appreciate that and expect many others do too. Thank you and take care of yourself, you deserve a good life.

  5. High Plains drifter

    Sorry to see you go. You have exposed a lot of corruption all over the world.
    Congratualations.. when you have a deep state “career prosecutor” from the US Department of Justice checking your site from DOJ computers, on taxpayers time.
    Hopefully she will come forward and reveal the puppeteers that were pulling the strings on the SHAM GSK
    3 billion dollar settlement, that took her ten years to complete. If Sara Bloom was the only crook in the Deep State, it would be amazing to me. As I said, they can do all they want to me, others have all the information, including my attorneys about the case.
    Waiting to pull the trigger, with an indictment..way beyond me. If I were her, I would come forward and explain how you robbed the taxpayers of tens of billions, if not more by the “settlement ” under the Holder administration.
    Come clean Sara, others won’t go down for your crimes…and you are no hero, merely a criminal worse than GSK itself.
    You know it, Truthman knows it and the decent people at the DOJ know it. I am still fighting…other crooks. Turn yourself in…what an embarrassing quid pro quo.
    Clear your name, pretty simple.
    Typical for all you career clowns…
    Thanks Truthman, for posting the truth..

    • truthman30

      Thanks for the comment- It’s just too draining to do this work and write so many blogs. I feel I have done enough, not quitting the fight, just stopping blogging- this blogging work about would never end and I don’t want GSK to take anymore of my time – need to spend it on other things non-Seroxat/Blog related. I did however receive some lovely comments. One in particular from Kevin P Miller (renowned documentary film-maker). He understood just how draining this shit is. I am grateful for all the kind comments, it’s nice to feel I made an impact. I am done though.

  6. BOB FIDDAMAN 🔹 (@Fiddaman)

    Make sure the blog remains, brother.

    I totally understand where you are coming from. It’s a dark world we entered all those years ago, our eyes were opened to widespread corruption and incestuous relationships within the industry. Further, we were introduced to the devastation these drugs have caused, not only on a personal level but the lives of others too. Taking these thoughts to bed eats away at the soul.

    Everyone who is anyone in these circles knows about your work. Take solace and be proud that you have stood up to be counted and you have tried to bring about change.

    Whilst journalists pick up their monthly cheques for misleading the public, you have picked up nothing for speaking the truth. It’s a cruel world governed by insidious people who view success as having big houses, big cars, and big egos.

    There comes a time when we all have to walk away from the fight and I’m sure it was a decision you mulled over many times. There are givers and takers in this world – thanks for being a giver.

    You’ll never know just how much of a difference you have made until you step out of the fighting arena. It’s an arena that will always try and suck you back in because it will play on your compassionate side.

    You’re a fucking legend, my friend.

    Never forget that.

    Brothers forever.


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