Christmas Break..

So another year comes to a close, and in January I’ll be blogging about this crazy stuff  for 11 years straight- that’s a long time!


In the new year it will be interesting to see what the serious fraud office in the UK has to say about GSK’s long history of fraudulent activity, but I won’t hold my breath considering that the House of Lords in the UK are nearly all in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry!

And don’t get me started on the rest…

I really hope that closure comes next year though, as this stuff can be tiring, however it does help to write (it’s cathartic), and someone has to hold those evil Glaxo-folks to account don’t they?

Happy Christmas 🙂





  1. T.T.

    Before you go, watch “60 minutes” and the Washington Post article yesterday about big pharma McKesson Corp’s case and their settlement with the DEA; a repeat of GSK slap on the wrist in the US. Good journalism.

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