This Is Also Why We Blog..

“…My girlfriend died from a brain aneurysm after taking Seroxat for several years. I think the medication may have caused the aneurysm, but there’s no way of proving it really….”


The comment above was left on a recent post I wrote about Seroxat. I titled the post: ‘Just Another Paroxetine/Seroxat related death.

Seroxat caused nosebleeds regularly for me. My nose would literally gush blood – often for up to an hour- therefore it would not surprise me if Seroxat caused a fatal brain aneurysm in this man’s girlfriend.

GSK will never admit that Seroxat could cause this- of course, and they know that it’s difficult to prove these deaths. However we (the users) know that Seroxat causes all sorts of horrific side effects ; some of them not even being documented medically at all. How frightening is that?

The damage from Seroxat/Paxil- world-wide has been staggering. The human collateral has been horrific..

GSK don’t care about all this death, damage and destruction from Seroxat/Paxil..

I do..

And this is why I blog..





  1. kiwi

    i didnt have nosebleeds while on paxil it wasn’t until I got off that nosebleeds started up. And years later drug free they are still an issue…a little like pssd I suppose, it just doesn’t resolve.

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