The UK’s serious fraud office expects its investigation into GSK to conclude in 2018. I wrote about how I expect GSK to get off completely, or get off lightly. I hope I am wrong, however judging from past investigations into GSK corporate misconduct, it seems that the UK authorities are toothless when it comes to prosecuting GSK for crimes they are accused of. GSK whistle-blower, Greg Thorpe, left a comment on my last post about this a few weeks ago, here it is-

“…I certainly agree with Truthman. I was first to file in the GSK 3 billion dollar case, in spite of 5 later filing copy cats, claiming to be whistleblower.

Although the company agreed to criminal as well as civil charges, nobody went to jail, or even faced personal charges. The liberal deep state Department of Justice gave them all a pass, after almost 10 years of secret negotiations, sealed illegally from the public, while more patients died, and suffered from illegal marketing and outright bribes. If you want to know who the criminals are, look no further than the so called investigation leaders…they refused to take this to trial, and gave GSK a pass.

The pass AMOUNTED to 3 months if company profit, which was easily made up illegally while the govt prosecutors kept the case sealed. There SHOULD be a price paid for this quid pro quo under the DOJ led by Eric Holder, a defense attorney for the company, before and after the case. The revolving door syndrome from private practice, into the government and back again….to a hero’s welcome is proof enough , in my mind that Holder did not fully recuse himself and pulled the strings on this 10 year charade. We will see…some DOJ insiders need to come forward as I did, and not hide behind what was the largest fine in history, but the biggest gift in history. The fine, with no criminal repercussions to company leaders like Bob Ingram and JP Garnier, was a pittance and a joke. But I am not laughing. This took 10 years of my life, my job and in the end the criminals at GSK win.

It will happen again, the connections to politicians and career prosecutors runs too deep…anywhere in the world…GSK will get off the hook again….”


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