Would The British Labour Party Investigate Seroxat, And The MHRA, If It Got Into Government?

Interesting stuff from the British Labour party manifesto 2017 (see the Spectator for more here).

“…Labour will address historic public-health injustices. We will hold a public enquiry into contaminated blood. We will also hold a public inquiry into medicines, including Valproate, medical devices and medical products licensing and regulation…..”

Valproate has long been causing problems for patients, however Seroxat/Paroxetine has too, therefore I wonder would Labour be willing to investigate GSK and Seroxat?

Furthermore, would they be interested in investigating the MHRA too?

They might not get into power, so they might not get to investigate anything at all, but it’s nice to see a political party recognizing that there are many problems with the licensing of pharma drugs, the drugs themselves, and the regulators.

Seroxat is a historic health injustice. It’s one that is on-going, and it’s high time that it’s put on the current political agenda..


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