Woman Sues GSK For Horrific Lamictal Side Effect….

Khalia Shaw‘s skin was burned from inside out after dosage error. Picture: Journey of a Butterfly

Fox News

A GEORGIA woman who is three years into a painful recovery is suing after claiming she received the wrong dosage of a medication that caused her body to burn from the inside out. Khaliah Shaw, 26, spent three weeks in a medically induced coma while her skin slowly peeled off and wants to ensure that other patients are protected from pharmaceutical errors, 11Alive.com reported.

“This did not have to happen,” Ms Shaw, who lives in Snellville, northeast of Atlanta, told 11Alive.com. “This was not just some sort of fluke in my opinion. This happened as a directly (sic) result of somebody’s error.”

In 2014, Ms Shaw told her doctors she felt depressed and received a prescription for Lamictal, an anti-seizure medication sometimes used to treat bipolar disorders, the Tech Times reported.

Ms Shaw took the medication for two weeks before she started breaking out in blisters. Ms Shaw told the news outlet that her body felt like it “was on fire”.

Eventually, doctors diagnosed her with Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a rare skin disorder that is typically caused by an adverse reaction to medication, 11Alive.com reported.

“It essentially causes your body to burn from the inside out, and you pretty much just melt,” she told 11Alive.com.

Khalia Shaw was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Picture: Journey of a Butterfly

Khalia Shaw was diagnosed with Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Picture: Journey of a ButterflySource:Supplied


The Palm Beach Post reported that others are also suing pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for promoting Lamictal without advertising its risks in full. In July 2012, the pharmaceutical company pleaded guilty to criminal negligent charges for allegations of fraud and failure to report product safety data for the drug, the newspaper reported. GSK paid $3 billion total.

As for Ms Shaw, the young woman has come to resemble a burn victim. She has lost her fingernails and sweat glands, and she is slowly going blind, 11Alive.com reported.

“They’re telling me this could happen again, and they’re telling me if it did happen again, that it would be worse,” Ms Shaw told the news outlet.

The lawsuit claims her medical bills total upwards of $3.45 million and are expected to continue to grow as she continues receiving treatment.

“I never heard of Steven Johnson Syndrome until I was in the hospital with my skin melting off my body. That’s when I learned what it was,” she told the news outlet.

Ms Shaw’s lawyer told 11Alive.com that alleged errors by pharmacists continue to “happen at an alarming rate,” because staff are too rushed and too busy.

In telling her story, Ms Shaw wants to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription medication errors.

“It is difficult being in the spotlight, but I think it is worth it if it means someone is more educated about the medication that they are taking,” Shaw told The Palm Beach Post.

This article originally appeared on Fox News.



  1. High Plains Drifter

    GSK DID NOT pay 3 billion dollars for Lamictal crimes…little to nothing was paid for Lamictal relative to the settlement…in spite of the fact that it was actively marketed for depression and bipolar disorders at least 6 years before any type of approval. This was a large part of the DOJ complaint I filed in 2003. In fact one woman died after treatment of her depression with Lamictal. It was reported to GSK and they covered it up. I reported this murder to DOJ in my complaint, it was ignored. GSK made hundreds of millions of off label dollars with this dangerous drug for years. There SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT LEAST a 3 billion dollar drug alone in fines and executives were informed, look up the Thorpe v GSK complaint. Career prosecutors under Eric Holder, former attorney for the company who Said he recused himself ….huh? allowed this quid pro quo to happen under corrupt career prosecutors…want names..Ask Jeff Sessions .
    The taxpayers were robbed of Tens of billions of dollars by the Department of Injustice who took ten years to ruin my complaint…to give GSK a free pass=1 month of GSK profit.
    This death occurred where I worked, they did nothing. Holder and his crew of career idiots and political hacks should be in jail, right along with Bob Ingram , JP Garnier, and all the planners and initiators of the fraud.
    It is the most horrible, disgusting violation of everything proper, that should have concluded a 10 year investigation. It makes the current Russian scam a walk in the park.
    I still cannot believe how bad and evil these deep state bastards in the DOJ
    gave this free pass to what I reported.
    Now Bob Ingram r, former CEO, COO, rides around in his choice of dozens of Porsches, that run on the blood of dead or maimed patients. Who will come forward at the DOJ ?
    We’ll see.

  2. High Plains Drifter

    Thanks, I am aware of that. You do a terrific job of making information public, keep it up. The cockroaches run and hide when you turn on the lights…thats where they are now…hidden. Nobody will tell the truth about GSK. Hopefully that will change.

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