Victory For Wendy Dolin! GSK must pay $3 mln in generic Paxil suicide lawsuit..

GSK must pay $3 mln in generic Paxil suicide lawsuit: U.S. jury; Twitter @nateraymond;

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GSK must pay US$3 million in generic Paxil suicide lawsuit: US jury

REUTERS: GlaxoSmithKline must pay US$3 million to a woman who sued the drug company over the death of her husband, a lawyer who committed suicide after taking a generic version of the antidepressant Paxil, a U.S. jury said on Thursday.

The jury’s award followed a trial in federal court in Chicago in a lawsuit over the death of Stewart Dolin, a partner at Reed Smith LLP who jumped in front of an oncoming commuter train in 2010 after taking a generic equivalent of GSK’s Paxil.

The verdict by the nine-member jury in favor of Dolin’s wife, Wendy Dolin, was confirmed by GSK, which said in a statement it was disappointed and planned to appeal.

“GSK maintains that because it did not manufacture or market the medicine ingested by Mr. Dolin, it should not be liable,” GSK said. “Additionally, the Paxil label provided complete and adequate warnings during the time period relevant to this lawsuit.”

Brent Wisner, a lawyer for Wendy Dolin, said his client was “very pleased” with the verdict, adding that “justice has been served.”

Wendy Dolin filed the lawsuit in 2012 against London-based GSK and Mylan, which manufactured paroxetine hydrochloride, the generic version of Paxil her 57-year-old husband was taking before his suicide.

A federal judge dismissed Mylan from the lawsuit in 2014 but allowed Dolin to proceed against GSK because it controlled the drug’s design and label, which applied to both the brand-name and generic versions of the drug.

The label included a “black box” warning that paroxetine, like all SSRI-type antidepressants, can increase the risk of suicidal behavior by users under age 25.

At trial, Dolin’s lawyers had requested US$39 million. They alleged GSK had evidence paroxetine increases the risk of suicide by older users by as much as 670 percent, yet failed to include that on the warning label.

In his opening statement on March 14, GSK attorney Andrew Bayman said the label was appropriate and its wording was mandated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The case is Dolin v. GlaxoSmithKline, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, No. 12-cv-6403.

(Reporting by Nate Raymond in Boston and Barbara Grzincic in Baltimore; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)


One comment

  1. High Plains Drifter

    This verdict proves…. the measly civil and criminal fine on all 9 drugs exploited by GSK, depriving millions of US taxpayers of justice under the False Claims Act…that I filed in 2003, shows the 9 year seal and the thousands of hours, of “investigation ” under the direction of Sara Bloom Asst. DOJ attorney who led the case and put me under an illegal gag order, sealing the case for 9 years was a farce ….as if it had not been shown already.
    The 3 billion dollar fine was a gift to GSK…period. Did it matter that a former attorney for GSK, Eric Holder became Attorney General, I say hell yes. I say he affected the case and never fully recused himself. How else could the DOJ seal this for nine years, virtually ignore Paxil, Wellbutrin, IMITREX, Lamictal etc…FYI, get the information before it is destroyed.

    GSK paid up one months PROFIT, after still operating under an illegal seal for nine years.
    Patients and physicians were left in the dark.
    The taxpayer was robbed of the huge penalties caused by illegal prescriptions and killer drugs.
    Holder goes back to defending GSK and a virtual parade. Where is the outrage ?
    Come forward Bloom, Winkler, Mao , Cole and everyone else who torpedoed the case into a POS. Nobody goes to jail, hundreds of thousands of deaths, hidden studies, physician millionaires. Time to come forward and reveal the Grand Jury results, when not even the lead whistle-blower was called to testify.
    This should have been a 30 billion dollar fine, or more…people should be in jail. This was white collar murder.

    Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and all federal programs were robbed. I was literally forced into agreeing to this outrage, after 9 years of hell that Sara Bloom and company, put me through…plus the threats to me and my family.
    I have given the info to Jeff Sessions, so the threats I got in my life…no longer scare me.

    Investigate the Bastards at the DOJ, who gave the attorney for GSK, criminal Holder exactly what he wanted…many are watching and many now know what I know.
    This was a crime against taxpayers, patients, and physicians…sickening quid pro quo for GSK with the secret deal with our own Department of Justice…must be and will be investigated by Jeff Sessions.
    They have it all….game over.
    Good luck Truth man
    Justice will prevail.

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