Final Post For The Foreseeable Future..

  • Emma Walmsley is set to become boss of drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline

  • She will be the first female chief executive of the £80 billion company

  • 47-year-old used to work for French beauty giant L’Oreal 

  • Lives with her family in a £3.7 million house in South-West London 

This will be my final post this year.

I’ve been blogging over 10 years, and It’s time I took a break. Blogging about a corrupt sociopathic drug company like GSK takes its toll. I’m tired.

GSK have a new CEO now, and I’m sure that the new CEO, Emma Walmsley, will continue in the vein of JP Garnier, and Andrew Witty. She will, no doubt, put profits before people, and her own self interest before the greater good. Emma will, most likely, like Andrew before her, earn tens of millions (possible even more) by the end of her stint as Glaxo CEO.

Let’s be honest, these jobs are primarily profit driven.

Emma Walmsley, or Andrew Witty, take the pressure and the heat of the CEO position because they are rewarded handsomely. They are hardly doing it for the sake of it.

The cash incentive is so high for these jobs because these pharmaceutical company positions require the CEO to literally delete their conscience (that’s if they have one in the first place).

The vast sums of money (the tens of millions GSK bestow upon the CEO) is the prize for selling their soul to the company, turning a blind eye to corrupt practices (such as the bribery scandal in China), believing the corporate bullshit they are spun, and the spin they croak themselves. They repeat the corporate mantras (such as: do more feel better, live longer) like some kind of brainwashed- incantation of a cult.

For the many tens of thousands of people prescribed Seroxat/Paxil who weren’t adequately warned of side effects, for the many people crippled from GSK’s Myodil dye, or for those prescribed many GSK drugs unethically off label (as detailed in Greg Thorpe’s Department of Justice complaint)- GSK’s mantra ‘do more, feel better, live longer is a surreal insult. It’s a disturbing catch phrase for those damaged by GSK products. Many of us cannot do more or feel better, because these GSK poisons have destroyed our lives, or stolen years from us- or our loved ones.

Andrew Witty is now gone, and Walmsley is in his place. Will she atone for GSK’s decades of corporate misconduct and harm to consumers and patients?

I doubt it..

Does she really give a damn?

Probably not..

Perhaps people like Witty and Walmsley believe that because GSK makes some meds that are helpful, and some products that are useful (such as toothpaste and painkillers), this balances out the dodgy drugs (such as Seroxat and Avandia) that cause harm? Perhaps this is how they square this off, morally, in their minds?

Personally, I cannot understand how they sleep at night, or how they can work for such a morally and ethically defunct company like GSK, but that’s for them to figure out, not me.

The Seroxat suicide controversy, particularly its horrific (often fatal) affect on teens and kids, and how GSK covered that- up would be enough for me to hand in my resignation, and run for the hills.

Would Emma Walmsley, or Andrew Witty, recommend Seroxat for their own kids? or their spouses? Would they take the risk?

I seriously doubt it.

Check out Emma Walmsley’s master class (in the vid below) in downplaying GSK’s many years of harm to patients over the years…

She’ll make a great CEO for GSK, they trained her well.

She’s a good candidate… she repeats the GSK corporate spin (almost) without even flinching…

She’ll be a good little robot..

She’ll do anything for the GSK blood money…

She’ll make a fortune..

Well done Emma..

Give yourself a pat on the back, and then go and salivate when you see your bank balance..

“Fitter Happier”: Radiohead

Some things to keep an eye on while I take my hiatus are :
The Stewart Dolin ‘Paxil Induced Suicide Trial’ (currently being covered by Bob Fiddaman, on his blog here)

I have no doubt that Paxil caused Stewart Dolin to commit suicide. His case is a classic case of ‘Paxil induced akathisia’. Akathisia is a hellish side effect from Paxil/Seroxat (all SSRI’s cause it). I had it many times on Seroxat and it literally pushes you over the edge. Suicide can be a welcome relief from the sheer torture of it. It is agonizing.

GSK did not warn properly of this side effect (and many other side effects) of Paxil, they should be held accountable- and I wish Stewart’s wife, Wendy, the best with this extremely important case.

Another Glaxo scandal emerging involves Tafenoquine (GSK’s ‘experimental’ anti-Malaria drug). Tafenoquine is of the same class of drugs as the controversial Lariam drug (which has been described as a ‘horror movie in a pill’ by some). It looks a bit dodgy to me, but no doubt GSK will be up to their usual shenanigans and they’ll push it on to the market anyway..

Check out some posts on Tafenoquine here:

Peter Humphrey is currently suing Glaxo for their devious behavior in China. That particular scandal cost GSK the guts of half a billion. I wish Peter the best with his lawsuit against them. There is no doubt in my mind that Glaxo scapegoated Peter and his wife, Yu. They have been treated appallingly by Glaxo. Keep an eye on Peter’s case in the media.

See here for more on Peter’s case

Another case to keep an eye out for involves GSK’s horrific Myodil dye.  Myodil has been maiming individuals, and destroying people’s lives, for decades. A landmark case (involving Myodil sufferer, and solicitor, Keith Lewin) just might blow the whole thing wide open again. Hopefully we will hear good news coverage of this case and the many victims of this horrible GSK product can have their voices heard. I wish Keith all the best with his important case.

See here for more:

I’ll leave the last comment to GSK whistle-blower, Greg Thorpe. Greg blew the whistle on GSK’s corrupt practices and this led to GSK’s 3 Billion fine for fraud in 2012 in the US.

“…I have seen and witnessed first hand, worse marketing in the US…although the DOJ did not seem to interested in digging very deep with Paxil fraud.
Why, because they were protecting the executives, including the infamous JP Garnier, Bob Ingram, and others. This would include the criminal Witty, who had to know about Paxil. He was in the antidepressant marketing arm after the merger, the then “commoner”-Andrew Witty.

His transgressions and crimes were ignored by prosecutors…I believe so it would not interfere with his ungodly ” knighting”…He was there in the period after the merger, a main player in the Wellbutrin scams. Paxil and Wellbutrin were marketed in a way, so that business from one did not cannibalize the other one.

This was also another elaborate scheme, that I brought forward…in addition to my main concern, not only marketing both to children under 18….but for very young children also.

What can be said about a company that does this, with the knowledge hidden from physicians and patients ..resulting in unnecessary suicides-side effects (including horrible withdrawal symptoms),
and conning the gov’t and insurance companies into paying.

Now we see a couple minor players in the industry indicted and facing trial, for much less than the deadly “three amigos”, listed above. Smoke and mirrors, diversion from the worst of the worst.
So now all 3 living the good life on blood money, murder money or at the very least manslaughter.

It sickens me that I spent 12 years plus, shining some light on these cockroaches for nothing, not even a fine or any punishment worth a damn, end of story.

SIR Witty, can spin it all he wants. He along with all the others are truly pathological liars. If what I say is not true, the bastards have hundreds of GSK and other outside attorneys to sue me. I believe they spend more on attorneys to save themselves, rather than do any significant Research and Development…Judicial Watch, here in the US …has been informed of some of this, but has declined to investigate anything?

Who paid them off ?

The inside information is in the bowels of the DOJ, if they have not destroyed evidence already. Why they did not go all the way back to the year 1996, when they could have on Paxil and Wellbutrin is no mystery to me..Filing in Jan 2003, they had every right to, but again the whole illegally sealed case stinks and I am holding my nose trying to put my life back together…

It was all a sick joke, and they all are above the law, “to big to prosecute”. Now as I predicted with the non-penalty here, they have gone global, with Witty at the helm.
Everything else gets older every day, but there is no Statute of Limitations on criminal acts…and Witty, Garnier, Ingram, Viebacher, Stout, Rajaratnum and their foot soldiers, who orchestrated all these scams resulting in morbidity and mortality
should still be investigated….and not by a Crook like Eric Holder, once a GSK defender always a GSK defender and highly paid…both in govt. and by his cronies at the revolving door law firm…Covington Burling, a den of sociopaths in its own right. Justice it seems will never happen, at least on earth.

Keep plugging Truthman, I admire your tenacity…seemingly everyone else has clocked out and left. GSK is still there however, and as bad as ever…”

-G. Thorpe.




  1. Neuro_Séance (@NeLLLieBly)

    Thank you for writing for the benefit of humanity for ten years. Your courage and kindness and humor have no doubt helped thousands of people understand the most horrible thing that has ever been done to them or will ever be done to them. Can you imagine the life you would have had if you’d never been exposed to Seroxat? You may have have given that life to some of your readers or their friends and families by warning them off these recently invented neurotoxins. Remember that!

    PS I made you a playlist. It’s all just innocent fun from the American south. I’ve only ever driven through the south…it’s a different world. They know how to enjoy a weekend, that’s for sure. You do the same!

    ( easy to remember link: )

  2. fhfrench

    I can imagine blogging about GSK has taken its toll. It will do you good to have a break from it. I will miss reading your posts. You do an excellent job exposing the most vile aspects of this company’s behaviour.

  3. Rita

    Thank you very much for your fine work …. I hope you are keeping your blog up for people searching for info. With appreciation …..

  4. The colour of money

    The P.R. people from Glaxo must be happy to see you go, not us.
    We appreciated your infos and songs.
    Bonne chance!
    Don’t hesitate of dropping by sometimes if the evil beast raises its head again.

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