John Grant On Paxil (Seroxat)



Interesting interview with singer John Grant, about his life, his experiences with Paxil, depression, anxiety etc.

“…The next big step is getting off the prescription medicine.

The antiretrovirals are not going anywhere, but he is wondering about the anxiety drugs.

“When I left Germany I got on the drug Paroxetine.

I’ve been taking that for 20 years now, and I don’t want it.

But the side effects of coming off it are too terrible.

They have a thing called the zaps. It feels like someone is throwing lightning bolts at your head.

It’s horrible.”..

For full interview see link here



One comment

  1. kiwi

    My heart goes out to this guy it is going to be a long journey that will take years (in the vicinity of 4-5 years imo and thats if and only if things go well) of careful and slow tapering to get free off this paroxetine addiction.

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