Mefloquine: A Psychotropic Medication by Dr. Remington Nevin

“…In Bougainville and Timor, army medical officers also prescribed a drug known as tafenoquine to 1512 troops, even though it had not — and still has not — been approved for use by Australian authorities.

A series of allegations have now been made about the ethics of these trials and the impact they may have had on the mental health of the participants.

One serving army officer who took mefloquine, Major Stuart McCarthy, alleges the trials were “manifestly unethical” because officers compelled soldiers to take the drug without properly warning of the risks.

He’s supported by a US expert who believes the ADF trials were “deeply unethical”...”

Interesting video about the dodgy controversial Malaria drug ‘Mefloquine’ (Lariam) by Dr. Remington Nevin.

Mefloquine has been harming many tens of thousands of people for decades (particularly soldiers) and there are currently several investigations and legal cases in various countries across the globe about its dangers…

GSK are currently trialing their own Malaria drug with similar qualities to Mefloquine, called, Tafenoquine (it’s of the same class).

Tafenoquine has already been considered ‘possibly more toxic than Mefloquine’…


See The International Mefloquine Veterans Alliance for more on this..


“…As a cloud grows over mefloquine, there is both good and bad news. The good news is in 2013, the Surgeon General’s Office of the Army Special Operations Command told commanders and medical workers that soldiers who have been thought to be suffering from PTSD or other psychological problems or even faking mental impairment may actually be mefloquine victims. The bad news is a new malaria drug developed at Reed during the same time period as mefloquine called tafenoquine is now fast tracking toward FDA approval. Jeanne Lese and Dr. Remington Nevin worry that the new drug has not been adequately tested for the same types of neurotoxic effects seen with mefloquine and that it will become mefloquine 2.0…”




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