Tafenoquine Truth: “Warriors Betrayed”…



ublished on Aug 28, 2016

Allied Veterans from the US, CAN, UK, AUS, IRE and probably others, over a generation have been administered Lariam – Mefloquine and in some cases – Tafenoquine.

Although many do not have lasting adverse effects from these anti malarial drugs, a sizeable minority appear likely to have received a lasting or permanent acquired brain injury (ABI)

The drugs were given to prevent malaria. Military users had little or no choice in being administered the drugs.

This ABI is a physical injury (not a “mental health” disorder) which results in a syndrome of chronic neurological and psychiatric symptoms, many of which the manufacturer acknowledges are “common” side effects in the case of Mefloquine.

Governments and militaries world wide are not doing enough for those affected…. Why?

This short vid highlights what may veterans and their families feel.

Warriors Betrayed …..

It is dedicated to the many men and women who took these drugs in good faith, to those who need our help and in particular to the many who have lost their battle worldwide.

And to their wonderful families.

Lest We Forget …

Want to know more?

To obtain more information go to The International Veterans Alliance http://www.imvallaince.org



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