In Memory Of Adrian Keegan..




Adrian Keegan’s life was cut short from Seroxat.

Today would have been his 35th birthday.

GSK have never apologized to the families of those killed, or harmed, from Seroxat suicides or side effects. They have never apologized for Study 329, a bogus Seroxat (Paxil) study which was touted to psychiatrists and doctors as a successful study promoting the treatment of Seroxat to adolescents.

Why were Adrian’s parents not warned about the dangers of Seroxat?

I think the parents of Adrian, and the families of all the other Seroxat victims, and the victims themselves- deserve an apology from GSK don’t you?

“..One of the cases that sparked fears was that of Adrian Keegan, 19, who had been taking the drug for 26 days when he committed suicide. In 2001, following the breakdown of his relationship with his girlfriend, he was diagnosed with depression and prescribed Seroxat by his GP. His father Christopher found his body hanging in his flat.

Mr Keegan, from Market Drayton, Shropshire, said: “There needs to be more information and better control as it is given out far too easily, like sweets.””..


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