Is Glaxo CEO Andrew Witty Having A Laugh?

In a news article from Reuters (2015)- GSK CEO, Andrew Witty, discusses the multi-billion dollar market of smoking cessation therapy. E-cigarettes are making big bucks for manufacturers, however Witty claims that GSK won’t be entering the electronic cigarette market any time soon because:

“…Witty said e-cigarettes were “just too controversial” for GSK to want to get involved in at this stage, adding that “there’s not enough data,” to provide robust evidence of the products’ risks and benefits….” (see full article here)

If only Witty and GSK had thought the same before unleashing the horrible Seroxat (drug) on to the anti-depressant consumer market?

I have yet to see ‘robust’ evidence that the benefits of Seroxat (Paxil) outweigh the risks.

For a drug like GSK’s Seroxat (dogged with controversy and scandal) Witty’s claims about e-cigarettes being ‘too controversial’ are extremely ironic…

Where’s the ‘data’ on Seroxat, Witty?..

Where’s the data proving its robust safety and effectiveness?


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  1. Nick

    The tobacco industry now owns most of the market which is why GSK won’t buy into it.

    Smoking and vaping are not as harmful as alcohol and anti-depressants. Maybe GSK would be better off selling cigarettes.

    Tobacco cessation products which pharmaceuticals produce keep people smoking, very few people quit this way. The way to do it is cold turkey.

    What I dont get is why the UK charges high duty Taxes on tobacco products and rakes in £12 billion and spends only £2 million on treating smoking related illnesses which could have been caused by something else,of course people have been smoking tobacco for centuries and suddenly everyone is dying,fewer people smoke than what they did than in the 50s yet so called ‘smoking related illnesses’ and passive smoking is causing people havoc. What does the government do with that money. It doesn’t add up. The prices of cigarettes in the Canaries is 80% cheaper than the UK yet the same number of people smoke. This is another example that taxing doesnt work. And heavily taxing addictive products is also not ethical, why don’t people wake up, governments don’t give shite about peoples health, they just want to scapegoat an unhealthy addictive product so they can rake in those billions. If it was so bad, they would ban it completely.

    How about leave people alone, nanny state! Its enough to make anyone smoke or smoke something stronger. And silly plain packets as if people really care about how pretty the box, the graphical warnings have also landed health authorities in court for unauthorised use of a picture of a man getting surgery for a non-smoking related problem without his permission. Such graphical warnings and pictures become something of a joke amongst smokers.

    Guess whose paying for all of GSK’s smoking cessation treatments? The NHS!

    Nobody quits with the NHS stop smoking service, see a pattern emerging?


    NHS service

    GSK Niquitin patches and lozenges(£35)

    Smoker still hooked

    NHS fat cat bosses and managers and GPs get paid a big fat bonus for running smoking service.

    Month 6 and smoker is still addicted, fed up smoker starts smoking again. Smoker is still being prescribed Niquitin products.

    smoker misses smoking and BAT gets its customer back

    Smoker gets bored of it again and goes to NHS services again. And the process starts all over again

    There are around an estimated 12 million smokers in the UK of what we know of, and any of them could decide to use the NHS stop smoking services.

    So if anything is controversial, its the NHS and Smoking cessation products because there are some people rolling in the money being made from these products.

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