What clinical trial results? Now you can see who isn’t sharing their findings

Not a big fan of Alltrials, however good to see that Paxil induced suicide in teens, and the controversy of Seroxat study 329 is still being referenced…

For Full article see link-



“…The effort prompted some drug makers to comply, although there is no uniform approach to disclosure.

Last year, however, researchers sifted through newly released GlaxoSmithKline data for its Paxil antidepressant and found evidence contradicting the company’s published findings that the pill was safe and effective for youngsters….”

“…Who else is a transgressor? Novartis did not disclose results for 201 studies, or nearly 38 percent of 534 eligible trials. And GlaxoSmithKline failed to release findings for 183 trials, or almost 23 percent of 809 eligible studies. We should note that the tracker, which includes trials completed between January 2006 and two years ago, only includes sponsors with more than 30 trials and excludes Phase 1 trials….”


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