Katinka Newman… The Pill That Steals Lives… Another SSRI Anti-Depressant Horror Story…


Published on Sep 29, 2016

While going through a divorce, filmmaker Katinka Blackford Newman took an antidepressant to help with insomnia. She had no idea she is one of the 1 % of people who suffer severe adverse reactions to antidepressants. She went into a toxic delirium, believing she had killed her children and, in actual fact, stabbing herself. When admitted to hospital, doctors didn’t realise it was the pill that made her ill. She was given more antidepressants and antipsychotics which resulted in a year-long illness. It was luck she got better when she was admitted to a hospital that detoxed her from all the drugs. She and her children began a journey of discovery which became the subject of her bestselling book, The Pill That Steals Lives: One Woman’s Journey to Discover the Truth About Antidepressants. She discovered a hidden epidemic of people whose lives have been destroyed by side effects of these pills, and that courts around the world have ruled that people have killed themselves and others as a result. She has begun a campaign, http://www.thepillthatsteals.com to promote awareness of the dangerous side effects of antidepressants . This film tells the story of what happened to her, her kids and some of the people she knows.



  1. Kim Bechthold

    Dear Truthman,

    It would be very helpful for us to know your source for the 1% of patients who experience serious adverse events from antidepressant drugs. We have not found such a source.

    We have Brent, D’s study showing 13.1% develop emerging suicidal ideation and behavior only.

    As you may know we are working toward marketing a DNA test to identify persons susceptible to serious adverse events.

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,


    Kim Bechthold

    Chief Executive Officer

    Sundance Diagnostics, Inc.

    2525 Arapahoe Avenue

    Suite E4-553

    Boulder, CO 80302

    T 303 862-2770

    M 303 513-5522

    F 303 595-5289



    • truthman30

      Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean? I didn’t say 1% of people would experience these events… In fact, I think it’s much higher. I think Dr Healy said it was 1% and Katinka seems to be saying it also in the blurb on the video (I didn’t write that part – I pasted it from the youtube blurb- on her video)..

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