Great New Website Calling For Reform Of The MHRA (UK Medicines Regulator)

Great to see my blog highlighted on a new web-site calling for reform of the MHRA.

I think it speaks for itself- check it out-






Why Campaign?

 A change in practice means  


have a chance to be saved 

Jeremy Hunt – Secretary of State for Health

Ben Goldacre – journalist, author and campaigner.

Consumers for Health Choice – An organisation dedicated to fighting for individual rights and freedom of choice in health matters.

David Tredinnick MP- Homeopathy advocate

Bach Flower Remedies- Nelsons UK- Powerful flower remedy business

ESCOP -The European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy – An umbrella organisation representing national herbal medicine or phytotherapy associations across Europe

Richard Brook – former Chief Exececutive of Mind.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick – Doctor and critic

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated

Medicine (RLHIM) – The largest public-sector provider of integrated medicine in Europe.

Peter Gotzsche, Nordic Cochrane Centre

Stephen Dorrell MP – Former chair of government health committee

Caroline Noakes MP – Campaigns for regulation of diet pills and critic of MHRA

Examination of horrors committed by GSK, including links to Panorama:

At $50,000 a round – 
Chemo Kills
Dangerous licensed drugs:

The World’s Most Expensive Drugs – $100,000 a year is nothing:

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the government agency which insures that medicines and medical devices work. An undoubtly crucial organisation in the UK. However the organisation we depend on for our health has deep flaws we cannot overlook.

As an example, cancer patients in need of chemotherapy have to foot the bill of £40,000 for only one round of treatment. The reason for this is chemotherapy makes a massive amount of money for the pharmaceutical companies supplying it so these companies do not want a cheaper alternative to become available in the UK. Unfortunately the MHRA who work closely with the Pharma’s have proven links to these organisations.

Ian Hudson, MHRA CEO       Gerald Heddell, MHRA Director

Both former employees of Glaxo Smith Kilne, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company

There have been many reports criticising the links to pharma. Suggesting that the MHRA not only have past links with pharma but also cover for them in the media. Glaxo Smith Kilne’s (GSK) Cerarix HPV Vaccines for cervical cancer: The MHRA systematically tampered with 6000 reports of adverse reactions to declare the vaccine safe.

Would you say it is a coincedence that the pharma company involved is the previous work place of two board member of the MHRA? 

Let’s take back the MHRA and ban the influence of greedy pharma companies.


An independent and honest MHRA free from commercial influence will open many doors in terms of medical treatment options.

As members of the UK we deserve the right to be informed on the safety of procedures and treatments available in the country. An independent MHRA would vanish any ulterior motives to hide or cover any medical mistakes.

The right of choice would become ours. There are numerous treatments available in European countries that have been banned from the UK purely due to pharma greed.

Now is the time to act! Inlight of Brexit the Jeremy Hunt will have to rearrange some of the UK’s medical relationships. Why not the MHRA’s?

Help us acheive our goals and together we could save countless human lives!



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