What Kind Of ‘Treatment’ Did The Nice Truck Attacker (Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel) Receive?… Was It Psychiatric Drugs?


The terrorist who killed 84 people including at least 10 children in Nice had suffered from ‘psychological problems’, it has been revealed.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, a French Tunisian and married father of three, had suffered a nervous breakdown and received medical treatment for mental health issues for ‘several years’ before leaving Tunisia for France in 2005, his family said today.

Bouhlel was shot dead by police after he ploughed a lorry into crowds of people who had gathered on the city’s Promenade des Anglais to watch Bastille Day fireworks. The attack left 202 people injured, including 50 who are ‘between life and death’, according to President Francois Hollande.

Five people connected to Bouhlel have been questioned as part of the police investigation, including his estranged wife Hajer.

Previous reports suggested Bouhlel was depressed about the break up of his marriage before he mounted the pavements at high speed and careered into the revelers on Thursday night.

From the BBC –
Dr Chamseddine Hamouda was the only psychiatrist who briefly treated Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel 12 years ago.

From the Independent UK-


The killer’s father, Monthir Bouhlel, claimed his son suffered from psychological problems and was sometimes unstable. “He had some difficult times, I took him to a psychiatrist, he took his treatments and he said he had a serious mental illness.

“For four years, from 2002 to 2004 he had problems, he had a nervous breakdown. He would get very angry, and would break things for no reason, he was put on medication. But the one thing he did not get angry about was religion, he did not go to mosque, he drank.

Some interesting news coming out about the Nice Van Attack Terrorist, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. According to some news outlets he was receiving psychological and psychiatric treatment for ‘several years’ before he carried out the attack.

Psychiatric and psychological treatment, almost always, means the prescribing of psychiatric drugs. If Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was prescribed psychiatric drugs for several years, it would be interesting to find out what drugs they were, on what dose was he prescribed them, and for how long?

Psychiatric drugs (such as anti-depressants like Seroxat, and anti-psychotics) are notorious for causing psychotic, manic and homicidal/violent/aggression reactions. The BBC are currently investigating the violence aspect of anti-depressants for a forthcoming documentary, according to Katinka Blackford Newman (author of a new book about her personal experience of SSRI’s and the devastation she suffered because of them).

It will be interesting if we find out what psychiatric drugs the Nice terrorist was on, and if these drugs contributed to this terribly violent act.

My heart goes out to all those who died, and to the injured, and their families, from the Nice tragedy. I have been to Nice several times (growing up we used to camp near Nice) and I have an affinity with that part of the world.

The websites AntiDepAware and SSRI Stories have both been documenting medication induced violence etc for years…

check them out here:





  1. Nick

    So no evidence and no actual details of what drugs if any was used, ever occurred to you he’s just plain evil?

    Psychiatric treatments in those countries is no where near what we have here, I would not be surprised if they didn’t give any medication.

    I don’t buy the excuse of psychiatric drugs on this one, anybody can use anti depressants and start committing crimes and blame it on the medication.

    The use of cannabis and opiates is high in such countries and those can make the mind sick in such a way.

    Either way, it’s totally evil what he did and these things have been happening for centuries.

    Myra Hindley and Ian bradey murders,rose west murders,Yorkshire ripper and so on…

    These happened long before paroxetine and other similar drugs hit the market.

    They’re just evil sick people!

    And even if they are to do with SSRi’s, why are the patients not being monitored and why are they still being prescribed the same medication? Lack of care and responsibility by doctors and a bad healthcare system.

    Why is it possible to be prescribed SSRI’s and be left unmonitored with repeat prescriptions for months and years!

    These are the points you need to be looking at as like I said before all of them do not suit everyone, it’s not like different brands of paracetamol, you have to find the one that works for you which is why doctors and prescribers should be monitoring behaviour more carefully. Otherwise, SSRI’s might as well be sold over the counter without prescription, I’m sure that’s the next thing that will happen.

    • truthman30

      No evidence yet of the exact drugs, but it said that he has been treated for several years and was under the care of a psychiatrist. I am not saying that the drugs are entirely to blame in this case, however, psychiatric drugs have long been linked to violence, school shootings, mass murders etc. There is even a term for it- ‘prescripticide’.

      Personally I don’t believe that there is just ‘plain evil’, because firstly there is nothing plain about ‘evil’, and there is no real concrete definition of ‘evil’- like ‘mental illness’ it’s just another subjective term which people apply to some thing in order to explain it. The factors leading to incidents like this one are usually always varied and extremely complex, it’s easy to say he was just ‘plain evil’ and that’s why he did it, it’s a lot more complicated when you start to investigate the way psychiatric drugs play a factor in the steady decline of people who take them…
      I don’t think you are fully informed on these drugs..

      You seem to think that psychiatry is somehow advanced, and thus effective in developed countries? that’s your first mistake..
      psychiatric drugs are crude implements and nobody knows who will have a volatile, psychotic, manic or aggressive-murderous or suicidal reaction- this has been well documented..
      I am not saying that he was on psychiatric drugs, I am asking was he?
      I am also asking, if he was- what drugs were they?
      was he having problems on them (like so many people do).
      Simple questions, complicated case…
      go and inform yourself before commenting again please…

  2. the colour of money

    The murderer from Munich was seeing a shrink and medicated; tired of hearing this? does anyone care about investigating the relation between their acts and their pharmacopoeia?

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