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Last night I was out on the town – well not really, more like out at Waterston’s in High Street Kensington for the official launch of – The Pill That Steals Lives – a new book by Katinka Blackford Newman.

Of course the book is one thing (and I think you should go and buy a copy) but for me the highlight of the evening was meeting so many people who are campaigning to raise awareness of the problems that anti depressants can cause.

I say problems, but in reality the stories I heard were beyond belief and so very harrowing that I all I could do was to sit there quietly in tears… I urge you to read David Carmichael‘s story. It seems I got away with it. What I went through was nothing compared to what happened to some.

The pain and suffering in the room last night was…

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  1. Jane Taylor

    Thanks, an excellent review of the evening at Waterstones – you’ve summed up exactly my thoughts and feelings about the event so well.

    I had some amazing conversations, put some faces to names, but regret that I didn’t get to meet more of the folk there (including you).

    I would love to convene together a similar group of people for a sort of ‘workshop session to further discuss and plan future action – my view is that there’s a lot happening but that it would really benefit from better co-ordination.

    Any views/comments

    Best wishes


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