Protest To Disband The MHRA (UK Med Regulators) On July 5th 2016

Great to see this inspiring group of individuals get together to protest against the utterly corrupted- pharma-controlled– MHRA in the UK. The MHRA is the UK’s medicines regulator, however it seems that in regards to Seroxat, it wasn’t regulated at all. The revolving door between the MHRA and Big Pharma companies like GSK serves to make sure that the interests of Pharma are always first priority over patient health and well being…

Seroxat survivors know that only to well…

For more on this protest see the Facebook link below:

And if you haven’t signed this petition, calling to disband the MHRA, please join the other 12,000 or so people who have signed it already.





  1. Nick

    As I’ve explained previously, all SSRI’s have the same withdrawal effect on different people.

    Paroxetine is no different if not better than Sertraline. I would really love you to try that for 9 months and see how your behaviour is by month 9 and see how hellish it is to withdraw even gradually.

    You target Paroxetine, yet millions in the western world die from accidental paracetamol poisoning because of branded cold and flu remedies.

    Paroxetine has had a negative impact on thousands

    Diazepam had effected millions

    Alcohol kills millions

    Very few have died because of Paroxetine and anyone committed suicide whilst being on Paroxetine lives in a country that has dire health service that has offered little help to the patient other than feed them SSRI’s.

    So when you look at it this way, paroxetine is not that bad. The benefits outweigh the negatives.

    Paroxetine is not going to be removed from the market and is not going to be modified, 3 generic makers have recently been given a licence to start producing paroxetine.

    Following finding your site, I have spoken to many people, Department of health,GPs,friends and even Glaxo Smithkline themselves and they explain that there are no plans following a review to modify or withdraw the Paroxetine as they are satisfied with the evidence.

    It is how it stands however, the medication must not be given to Children and the authority has chosen 18 to be the minimal age for Paroxetine use.

    • truthman30

      Hello there,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t write about other SSRI’s, I write about Paroxetine (Paxil/Seroxat) because that’s the drug that I was prescribed and that’s the drug that harmed me. Occasionally I write about other SSRI’s, when it’s appropriate, and I am well aware that the whole class of drugs has the same problems in terms of side effects etc- however, I do find it interesting that Paroxetine has been singled out as the SSRI not to prescribe as first line by many medical professionals, why would that be do you think?

      Of Course Glaxo would say they are satisfied with Paroxetine, and the evidence which they claim supports their view- they make money off of it- of course they won’t willingly take it off the market, however that doesn’t mean that it’s not dangerous, and anyhow, why should any reasonable person take GSK at their word about anything considering their reputation for being more than economical with the truth?

      I really don’t need to try Setraline for 9 months thanks very much, 4 years on Seroxat was quite enough for me- however, as I have just said, and as I have said many times before- all of the SSRI’s are dangerous- they all have the same, or similar, effects. If you want to go and write about Setraline for ten years, nobody is stopping you, however I will stick to Seroxat and GSK because that’s what I choose to do in relation to my experience. If other people have problems with other drugs, they are free to make blogs about their experiences.

      Yes Diazepam is also harmful, but as I said I don’t want to write about that as I have no experience of it really.
      And yes Alcohol kills people too, but I don’t have a drink problem so why would I write about that?
      I do however have a problem with Seroxat, GSK, and the whole stinking Seroxat Scandal, and I will write about my experiences for as long as I feel I need to..

      I disagree with your view that ‘very few’ have died because of Paroxetine, there are many thousands that have died because of it.
      And I disagree that Paroxetine is not that bad, It is a horrendously bad drug, and one of my gripes is the lack of warnings of side effects by GSK initially when they released it…
      I also disagree that the benefits outweigh the negatives..

      Seroxat might be removed from the market, how do you know it won’t be? do you work for GSK, or pharma? and know something others don’t?

      I find your last two comments a little odd…
      Why would a medication warrant a ban in under-18’s but be ok to take for a 19year old, a 20 year old, or older?
      Are 19 year olds immune to the dangers?

      Answer me that question? ..

      The fact that it’s banned for under 18’s proves what my blog is about- it’s banned because it’s dangerous, and it’s dangeous for all age groups…

  2. Nick

    Actually most are banned although they are still given out as last resort.

    18 was chosen as that is deemed as adult age, you would have to put an age limit somewhere, I first took SSRIs when I was in my mid teens,I’m now 26.

    The issue with giving mind altering drugs to children is that they are still developing and what could be seen as depression could be just a phase, whereas myself, it never improved and only got worse which is why the child psychologist at the time prescribed them to me, she didn’t hand them out like candy.

    Now, I think 18 is reasonable enough for an age limit, people from that age are more conscious of the decisions they are making.

    I understand that you’ve had a troubled past with paroxetine and that you’re angry, however it does not mean that it should be banned or withdrawn especially if its helping a majority of people. There is just nothing much that can be done unfortunately although manufacturers should have a process and system to compensate those who do have severe side effects and can be proven by medical records. The manufacturers and health organisations should also have a system for withdrawing people from SSRIs.

    When I spoke to someone at the Department of Health, they confirm that there is no real process of withdrawal and that patients should get help from there prescriber.

    • truthman30


      I don’t think you are getting what I am saying, or what this blog is about.Maybe I should clarify a few things. I am not angry, I was angry years ago when I realized I’d been poisoned and duped. I have been blogging for ten years, active about Seroxat and other SSRI’s and related issued for a good few years more than a decade. I have over 1000 posts on this blog alone. I have extensive experience of researching and writing about the pharmaceutical industry, as you would see if you scan back to 2007. I am extremely astute in these matters, more so than the average GP because I have read exhaustively on SSRI’s, Seroxat, GSK, other Pharma, psychiatry, anti-psychiatry, psychiatric drugs, their side effects, their marketing, their history and so on. You would find it hard to meet someone who has read as much information about this stuff as me, apart from Bob Fiddaman, Leonie Fennell, Dr David Healy and a few others who are actively involved in this arena of course. If you want to write a blog about how great Seroxat is, or how it’s helping people, or whatever you want- go ahead, who is stopping you? I will stick to the facts however, and the facts speak for themselves, have you seen GSK’s healthy volunteer studies on Seroxat? No? Do you know why? because they are secret, and GSK keeps them away from public scrutiny. Have you head of the Norwegian study on Seroxat? Have you read about that? Have you read the BMJ RIAT restoration study of Seroxat study 329? Have you read Robert Whitakers book, anatomy of an epidemic? Have you read Peter Gotzche’s books? Have you met up with victims of SSRI’s, or with those harmed from Seroxat? please, tell me your experience…

      Most SSRI’s are banned for under 18’s however that was only because teens were dropping like flies on them. The warnings came after investigations by the public, the BBC and others. That is appalling.

      Your point about 18 being a reasonable age to take SSRI’s is meaningless, in the case of Seroxat, under-29’s are at risk, so why is 18 the magic number when GSK admit themselves that uner 18’s, under 25’s and Under 29’s are at risk? how is that? 29 is mature no? 29 is different to 18 in terms of life reactions no? so why the risk? answer me that…

      These are not still given out as a last resort, Seroxat is not prescribed much anymore but the other SSRI’s are still prescribed first line…

      I’m not arguing with you, but I think my blog speaks for itself, Ive spent ten years and thousands of hours reading and writing about this stuff…

      I’m sorry to say but your comment about Paroxetine helping the majority of people is just so ridiculous that I don’t know how to respond…

      Perhaps you should read every post from 2007 on this blog, then read all Bob Fiddamans posts on Seroxat, then maybe Seroxat Secrets (another blog on Seroxat), then read David Healy’s posts on his blog about Seroxat study 329, and watch all 4 Panorama documentaries on Seroxat and then come back to me with an opinion, because I really don’t think you are fully informed about these things….

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