A Game Called Big Pharma… (Peter Humphrey On BBC Radio)

Interesting discussion on BBC’s ‘Business Daily’ yesterday- with an interview with Peter Humphrey (who was unjustly jailed in GSK’s china-bribe scandal a few years ago). { LISTEN HERE } -Also as part of the discussion, the panel highlights Tim Wicksteed’s ‘A Game Called Big Pharma‘ which is a real game that echoes the real-life shenanigans of Big Pharma (such as GSK’s bribery and corruption etc).

The most interesting part of the interview (second link down) is with Peter Humphrey in the second half of the recording, it’s well worth a listen.

Peter worked for most of the well known pharmaceutical companies for 15 years and in this interview he says- he thinks that the ‘quality of leadership’ by pharmaceutical companies on a China level and a Global level,has a lot to do with the corporate strategies of  the pharmaceutical companies themselves.

Perhaps, it is these corporate strategies which have an affect upon how these corporations behave? (or in the case of GSK- misbehave).

Andrew Witty was leading GSK for many years up until the China-Bribe scandal. How much he knew about what was going in with GSK’s operations in China leading up to the scandal, is anyone’s guess…

One thing is for sure though, these corporations (like GSK) act like mafioso. They often hover far above the law, and until the top executives are held accountable for crimes that the corporate entity commits, nothing will change.





Big Pharma


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