‘Serial FCA Whistleblower’ Joe Piacentile Loses Claim Against WhistleBlower Greg Thorpe

Greg Thorpe regularly posts comments on articles on this blog, and his views are always honest. I applaud Greg for having the courage to be the first whistle-blower to speak out against GSK’s misdeeds back in the early 2000’s (see here), and I applaud him further for having the tenacity not to quit, particularly in the subsequent fight against opportunistic individuals, and the vultures that have encircled him, ever since he decided to put his life on the line 13 years ago. I know what it’s like to put your life on the line, to fight tooth and nail, and to self sacrifice everything for the greater good, and I also know what it takes to persevere even when the vultures, sociopaths, and psychos, are sniping at your heels.

It takes guts.

Greg is not afraid to speak the truth about GSK’s sham 3 Billion dollar fine (see here). He is not afraid to tell us that this fine was not justice at all but merely a quid pro quo sham- a gift to GSK. He’s not afraid to tell us what really happened behind the gloss of the media spin.

GSK’s 3 Billlion dollar fine was a white-wash. It will not deter them, or any other pharmaceutical company, from continuing to harm patients in the pursuit of profits. It was not a success for patient rights (as some have advertised it), it was a success for GSK, the industry (and the lawyers who feed off FCA claims). It was akin to a slap on the wrist for GSK and business as usual.

(see comments here).

Greg is not afraid to speak out against the whole damn stinking debacle.

The FCA (false claims act) has turned into a farce, and a highly lucrative industry (made up mainly of opportunists- lawyers and former ‘whistle-blowers’), and one individual who seems to have amassed a fortune from this new industry is Dr Joe Piacentile.

Dr Joe has apparently made up to 17 million by filing multiple FCA complaints against multiple pharmaceutical companies over several years.

Surely this kind of thing needs to be stopped in its tracks? How is it even ethical, or legal, to do this?

Is it not blatant opportunism and profiteering? Surely this kind of behavior debases the entire idea of law and of justice itself?

Dr Joe is part of an organization called Whistle Blowers Against Fraud. This organization is effectively a profit making enterprise. I see nothing on the WAF website about the dead and damaged patients from all the dodgy drugs they have allegedly exposed.

All I see (on these whistle-blower fishing websites) are advertisements about the billions of dollars of fines they have apparently recouped from the pharmaceutical industry.

I just see more greed..

And a lot of self promotion..


Dr Joe even admits on his own website (the Piacentile Family foundation) that he learned the in’s and out’s of how these fraudulent activities occur by being originally involved himself in defrauding America’s medicaid system.


In the mid-1980s, Dr. Joe was a partner in a national durable medical equipment company. In charge of a sales force of 160 employees, Dr. Joe grew sales from $1 million to $20 million in a mere three years. However, this early success did not end well. Dr. Joe and his partners each pled guilty to one count of fraud for reportedly “falsifying Medicare forms.” This brush with the justice system opened Dr. Joe’s eyes to the real damages caused by fraud and gave him a front row seat in observing the inner workings of the justice system’s prosecution of such crimes.

I understand that there probably has to be some financial incentive to blow the whistle on these huge companies and their wrong-doings, but surely making an entire career out of it has to be unethical?

Dr Piancentile has been controversial for many years now, precisely because of the reasons I have just outlined.

As recently as 2014 Dr Joe made headline news on NBC America because of a 100,000 dollar donation to President Obama. Dr Joe, it seems, was also seeking a pardon for his history of medicaid fraud.

I guess the medicaid fraud wasn’t good advertising for his Whistleblowers Against Fraud (WAF) venture?


“…A White House-backed advocacy group has fired one of its fundraisers and returned a $100,000 check she collected from a New Jersey doctor who is seeking a presidential pardon for Medicare fraud, officials of the group told NBC News.

Organizing for Action, or OFA, a political nonprofit set up last year to promote the president’s policies, confirmed that it dismissed consultant Samantha Maltzman this week after receiving inquiries from NBC News about a contribution she had brought in from Dr. Joseph Piacentile, who was convicted in 1991 for Medicare fraud and tax evasion.”…

Piacentile did not attend the dinner, removed from the guest list after OFA vetters flagged his felony conviction, according to the OFA official who spoke on condition of anonymity. His pardon application shows that he was sentenced in 1994 for Medicare fraud and tax evasion, serving six months in a halfway house and agreeing to a $900,000 consent judgment. He has since founded a whistleblowers group dedicated to exposing health care and other frauds…”

A recent judgment against Greg Thorpe, by Joe Piacentile, was denied.

In short, Dr Joe was attempting to seek over 800,000 dollars off Greg Thorpe despite already receiving multiple millions in payments from  the other so called ‘whistle-blowers’ involved in the original GSK FCA complaint.

Greg stood his ground.

Here is the judgement, in Greg’s favor…

2016.06.21 ORDER RE Granting Thorpe SJ


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