To the BBC, GSK, and The MHRA (medicines regulators in the UK) who were all viewing this afternoon. I wonder what interest you have in the story of one person who had a terrible time on GSK’s vile Seroxat drug? Surely you’d all have better things to do than bother with the random ramblings on my little blog? What is it you’re curious about? GSK whistle-blower Greg Thorpe’s recent comments on my blog, perhaps? Or the Yemen whistle blower who contacted me about GSK’s alleged corruption in Yemen? Or maybe it’s about Seroxat causing suicide in teens? (or is that old news now?), or maybe it’s just generally about Seroxat (Paxil) causing death and destruction to the lives of thousands of people?

I suppose, it could be any number of things. There is almost a decade of blog posts, and over 1000 of them in fact, so I’m sure there’s plenty of reading to be done.

Whatever it is, you can always e-mail me (not you GSK though) and find out more : truthman30@gmail.com 

There’s loads of information that I haven’t made public.

I’m sure there’s a ton of BBC documentaries to be made on the reams of subject matter I have explored over the years…

I’m taking a little break for a while, kinda worn out…

But my e-mail is always open…



  1. Sarah

    Thank you Truthman for your years of dedication to reporting the facts about antidepressants. Last time you planned on taking a break BIG NEWS broke. GSK have since paid the $3billion fine and continue to trade with impunity.
    Enjoy a well deserved break.

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