Some Interesting Recent Comments By Whistle Blower Greg Thorpe

Greg Thorpe was the first (and in my opinion- the only genuinely authentic ex-GSK employee/ whistle blower) who choose to blow the whistle on GSK’s unethical shenanigans in the US, and he regularly comments on this blog.

Without Greg’s initial concerns I don’t think that GSK’s 3 Billion dollar fine would have happened.

He did- after all- provide the majority of the original evidence in the department of Justice complaint (see here).

Some of his more recent comments have been very thought provoking for reasons of which I will comment upon later.

Greg left the following comment on this post of mine-

Former Pharma Exec Heads To Trial On Kickback Allegations

“…I am sick and tired of TAF…so called Taxpayers Against Fraud saying what should be done in these cases. They are not partially funded by attorneys. I would say they are for the most part TOTALLY funded by attorneys and while Patrick Burns calls for tougher action !–!-
his “nonprofit “, which actually is quite profitable for the attorney group…coddling up to the Department of Justice, having high ranking Pharma investigators at DOJ speak in exotic, costly forums, including the Attorney General.

This group only exists to keep the cost of filing a qui tam FCA complaint as high as possible..they grab over 50 % of the award to some whistle-blowers . …while the government is allowed to put illegal 9 year seals on cases, while gutting the guidelines of FCA law.

So they all gladly contribute, have yearly extravaganza events at taxpayer expense, all over the planet.

It is a write off for them, and then each year they name some me too attorney, like Erika Kelton their “attorney of the year”..while at the same time, the “giant killer”and founder, John Phillips tells me when I first wanted them to take the GSK case in Feb 2002. “WE DO NOT BELIEVE OFF LABEL MARKETING IS FRAUD”.

Later, his firm, under Erika Kelton files essentially the same information I gave them, after I had to get inexperienced help to file the case…and they found out.
So two ex GSK employees are recruited to become whistlblowers instead of me.
…one Matt Burke, a Regional GSK manager, terminated for the very things I told the company about OFF LABEL MARKETING. So they threaten their way into the case as second to file, with a complaint mirroring the things I gave them 8 months before I filed in Jan. 2003.

Phillips and Kelton wrote me that ” OFF LABEL MARKETING IS NOT FRAUD”.
I have the letter for anyone to read, including Burns..who has talked tough, yet done absolutely nothing about it regarding
Pharma execs…

This is a true tax exempt monopoly, preying on Whistleblowers and letting the government get by with the pitiful settlements, and settling for an easy buck. All they have to do is march in lockstep with the fraud they know that occurs in the prosecution of all these Pharma companies, not just GSK.

This group of self appointed Kings of Qui Tam Whistleblowers is more corrupt or just as corrupt as big Pharma, hiding behind tax exempt status and handing out huge Quid pro quos to the Department of Justice. …only so they can make their huge money grab, while they essentially sit on their asses and let the gov’t conspire under seal for 9 years, as in my case.

In spite of the efforts of my excellent attorneys… Kenney, McCafferty firm with Tavy Deming and Emily Lambert, (by the way also TAF members, of necessity I believe, not choice) the government has set up a situation where again TAF gets its tax exempt status (bullshit), and in return does NOT dare rock the boat of the Ship of Fools at DOJ, who in fact make money for big Pharma…not reach any logical, reasonable settlements for the defrauded taxpayers under the FCA. Again just follow the money, all smoke and mirrors and in the end an Attorney who wrote me in part —
“OFF LABEL MARKETING IS NOT FRAUD”, Erika Kelton ,”Queen of Qui Tam Law”
is named Attorney of The Year by TAF.

So long story short, do something or quit talking out of both sides of your mouth Burns, and everyone else at TAF.

I know the truth, and you should be investigated. ..right along with the killers in big Pharma.


Greg’s other interesting comment, left recently, was in relation to this post-

One thought on “How Did GSK Market The Horrible Death Drug Seroxat To Unsuspecting Doctors?”

“…I have seen and witnessed first hand, worse marketing in the US…although the DOJ did not seem to interested in digging very deep with Paxil fraud.
Why, because they were protecting the executives, including the infamous JP Garnier, Bob Ingram, and others. This would include the criminal Witty, who had to know about Paxil. He was in the antidepressant marketing arm after the merger, the then “commoner”-Andrew Witty.

His transgressions and crimes were ignored by prosecutors…I believe so it would not interfere with his ungodly ” knighting”…He was there in the period after the merger, a main player in the Wellbutrin scams. Paxil and Wellbutrin were marketed in a way, so that business from one did not cannibalize the other one.

This was also another elaborate scheme, that I brought forward…in addition to my main concern, not only marketing both to children under 18….but for very young children also.

What can be said about a company that does this, with the knowledge hidden from physicians and patients ..resulting in unnecessary suicides-side effects (including horrible withdrawal symptoms),
and conning the gov’t and insurance companies into paying.

Now we see a couple minor players in the industry indicted and facing trial, for much less than the deadly “three amigos”, listed above. Smoke and mirrors, diversion from the worst of the worst.

So now all 3 living the good life on blood money, murder money or at the very least manslaughter.

It sickens me that I spent 12 years plus, shining some light on these cockroaches for nothing, not even a fine or any punishment worth a damn, end of story.
SIR Witty, can spin it all he wants. He along with all the others are truly pathological liars. If what I say is not true, the bastards have hundreds of GSK and other outside attorneys to sue me. I believe they spend more on attorneys to save themselves, rather than do any significant Research and Development…Judicial Watch, here in the US …has been informed of some of this, but has declined to investigate anything? Who paid them off ?

The inside information is in the bowels of the DOJ, if they have not destroyed evidence already. Why they did not go all the way back to the year 1996, when they could have on Paxil and Wellbutrin is no mystery to me..Filing in Jan 2003, they had every right to, but again the whole illegally sealed case stinks and I am holding my nose trying to put my life back together…

It was all a sick joke, and they all are above the law, “to big to prosecute”. Now as I predicted with the non-penalty here, they have gone global, with Witty at the helm.
Everything else gets older every day, but there is no Statute of Limitations on criminal acts…and Witty, Garnier, Ingram, Viebacher, Stout, Rajaratnum and their foot soldiers, who orchestrated all these scams resulting in morbidity and mortality
should still be investigated….and not by a Crook like Eric Holder, once a GSK defender always a GSK defender and highly paid…both in govt. and by his cronies at the revolving door law firm…Covington Burling, a den of sociopaths in its own right. Justice it seems will never happen, at least on earth.

Keep plugging Truthman, I admire your tenacity…seemingly everyone else has clocked out and left. GSK is still there however, and as bad as ever.”…

-G. Thorpe.


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