How Did GSK Market The Horrible Death Drug Seroxat To Unsuspecting Doctors?


“…Things go wrong. We have inevitably of course, we go through all the processes with the regulators to get a drug to be as safe and effective as it can possibly be. But the reality is, every time a human takes a drug, it’s like a clinical trial. You don’t really know what’s going to happen. Everybody can react a different way…”

A doctor friend of mine sent me a very interesting document, called ‘Understanding Depression’- INFORM- (published by SmithKlineBeecham) from the late 90’s. SmithKlineBeecham merged to form GlaxoSmithKline in 2000. This is the kind of leaflet which GSK published in order to encourage doctors to prescribe SSRI anti-depressants to their depressed patients.

Basically this document is an SSRI marketing advertisement disguised as a harmless ‘depression awareness’ campaign. Pharmaceutical companies have been using tactics like this for years, they even infiltrate and influence depression help groups such as Aware In Ireland and Depression Alliance in the UK. They do this by means of donations to these groups, sponsoring ‘awards’, and ‘lending a hand’ in creating leaflets about depression etc. Of course there is always the obligatory section on treatments with meds in these leaflets- because it’s in a pharmaceutical company’s interest to get as many depressed patients on meds as possible (they pretend that there are other options such as therapy, light boxes etc, but in reality people were – and still are- prescribed SSRI’s as first line treatments for depression, by GP’s).

In the case of Seroxat, GSK failed to warn people that they could become hooked. I guess Seroxat dependence meant that GSK often had customers for years, despite the reality that most people would have liked to come off Seroxat (because of horrific side effects like akathisia, self harm personality changes etc)- they often found it impossible to quit.

In the late 90’s companies like GSK were aggressively marketing their drugs (such as Seroxat) to consumers, and oftentimes their methods were dubious to downright fraudulent. The SmithKlineBeecham INFORM campaign is one of the most cynical and deceptive of these  types of campaigns (whose sole purpose was to sell more meds to an unsuspecting public). Glaxo don’t (and never did) give a fiddlers about depressed people, we were sitting ducks for them, and the Seroxat suicides were road kill on the highway to GSK’s profit driven agenda. It’s a shame that CEO Andrew Witty didn’t think of telling those who were prescribed Seroxat over the years- what he said to Evan Davis of the BBC-in the quote here-

“..But the reality is, every time a human takes a drug, it’s like a clinical trial. You don’t really know what’s going to happen. Everybody can react a different way…”

(AW- BBC- 2015)

Anyone who took Seroxat was effectively a human guinea pig, the Seroxat clincal trials were shoddy and dodgy, and there is no way that this drug should ever have been passed as safe and effective.

It simply should not be licensed. It’s dangerous and causes immense harm. GSK wanted their own billion dollar blockbuster Prozac-type drug and they were hell bent on making Paroxetine (Paxil/Seroxat/Aropax) that drug. Whether it caused suicide, self harm, birth defects, or severe withdrawal, was not part of the business model- but getting it down as many people’s necks and into as many people’s bodies as possible was…

This leaflet is so utterly full of misinformation about depression, SSRI’s and SSRI side effects, that I don’t know where to start …

Take a look and judge for yourself..



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  1. High plains drifter

    I have seen and witnessed first hand, worse marketing in the US…although the DOJ did not seem to interested in digging very deep with Paxil fraud.
    Why, because they were protecting the executives, including the infamous JP Garnier, Bob Ingram, and others. This would include the criminal Witty, who had to know about Paxil. He was in the antidepressant marketing arm after the merger, the then “commoner”-Andrew Witty.
    His transgressions and crimes were ignored by prosecutors…I believe so it would not interfere with his ungodly ” knighting”…He was there in the period after the merger, a main player in the Wellbutrin scams. Paxil and Wellbutrin were marketed in a way, so that business from one did not cannibalize the other one.
    This was also another elaborate scheme, that I brought forward…in addition to my main concern, not only marketing both to children under 18….but for very young children also.
    What can be said about a company that does this, with the knowledge hidden from physicians and patients ..resulting in unnecessary suicides-side effects (including horrible withdrawal symptoms),
    and conning the gov’t and insurance companies into paying.
    Now we see a couple minor players in the industry indicted and facing trial, for much less than the deadly “three amigos”, listed above. Smoke and mirrors, diversion from the worst of the worst.
    So now all 3 living the good life on blood money, murder money or at the very least manslaughter.
    It sickens me that I spent 12 years plus, shining some light on these cockroaches for nothing, not even a fine or any punishment worth a damn, end of story.
    SIR Witty, can spin it all he wants. He along with all the others are truly pathological liars. If what I say is not true, the bastards have hundreds of GSK and other outside attorneys to sue me. I believe they spend more on attorneys to save themselves, rather than do any significant Research and Development…Judicial Watch, here in the US …has been informed of some of this, but has declined to investigate anything? Who paid them off ?
    The inside information is in the bowels of the DOJ, if they have not destroyed evidence already. Why they did not go all the way back to the year 1996, when they could have on Paxil and Wellbutrin is no mystery to me..Filing in Jan 2003, they had every right to, but again the whole illegally sealed case stinks and I am holding my nose trying to put my life back together…
    It was all a sick joke, and they all are above the law, “to big to prosecute”. Now as I predicted with the non-penalty here, they have gone global, with Witty at the helm.
    Everything else gets older every day, but there is no Statute of Limitations on criminal acts…and Witty, Garnier, Ingram, Viebacher, Stout, Rajaratnum and their foot soldiers, who orchestrated all these scams resulting in morbidity and mortality
    should still be investigated….and not by a Crook like Eric Holder, once a GSK defender always a GSK defender and highly paid…both in govt. and by his cronies at the revolving door law firm…Covington Burling, a den of sociopaths in its own right. Justice it seems will never happen, at least on earth.
    Keep plugging Truthman, I admire your tenacity…seemingly everyone else has clocked out and left. GSK is still there however, and as bad as ever.

    -G. Thorpe.

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