David Carmichael : Paxil (Seroxat) Prescripticide

David’s story is harrowing but needs to be heard.

What a brave and courageous man he is for writing this.

My heart goes out to him, and his family.

Anyone on Seroxat/Paxil (or other SSRI’s) can commit violent acts.

It’s Russian Roulette when you take an SSRI, you can become hostile, de-personalized, can suffer drastic personality changes, and even be driven to self harm, suicide, and violence.

I know because I’ve been there.

Seroxat/Paxil is an extremely dangerous drug. Some of the side effects I experienced on Seroxat included very vivid violent dreams  which were extremely disturbing. I became hostile, and aggressive too, and often dreams could merge with reality.

Kudos to David for speaking out about this extremely difficult subject.



Three Weeks To Prescripticide

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May 12, 2016 | Reply

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