What Became Of The FBI’s Investigation Of GSK In Poland?


The FBI will assist Poland’s Central Anticorruption Office (CBA) in the case of UK pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline, which is suspected of bribing Polish doctors, the Polish business daily Puls Biznesu wrote April 16.

“The GKS corruption case, which has been under investigation by the CBA and Lodz prosecutor’s office since 2012 and currently includes 13 suspects, will receive assistance from the FBI,” said Pawel Wojtunik, head of the CBA.

US regulations oblige the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to initiate proceedings when suspicions of corruption arise at companies listed on US stock exchanges. This may play an important role as the case develops, especially if GSK were found to have breached the Foreign and Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

As reported by CEE Inisght, GSK sales reps had offered bribes to doctors from Lodz in return for prescriptions for GSK drugs between 2010 and 2012.


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  1. High plains drifter

    The same thing that happened to my False Claims Act Complaint, originally testifying under oath to the FBI……
    A 9 year coverup of GSK murders and taxpayer theft…. Whittled down to what was deemed the largest FCA settlement in history . 3 billion bucks or 3 months of GSK profit. Some RECORD. It was so outstanding that it was announced on a Friday right before a 4th of July holiday…when of course nobody was paying any attention…another GSK gift. Also no Whistlblowers were mentioned, as I told them I would not appear on a national stage pretending this charade was anything important or punishment at all in fact …for the GSK killers and liars.

    I have said before, I wasted going on 15 years of my life for nothing and there should be an investigation of the Holder DOJ and FDA with Dan Troy, Chief legal Counsel at FDA, who left after I filed the case to work for GSK, and I believe illegally unsealed the case to the company. Troy was promoted at GSK and at Covington Burling… Holder was awarded and rehired as defense attorney for GSK, banks AND other drug companies— the same
    position he held before his disastrous stint as GSKs protector and the worst AG ever, except maybe Janet Reno …who I think he worked for, as I recall.
    So long story very short…that is where our government is in going after GSK in foreign lands. The fix was in and still is …for more information , ask Sara Bloom….
    who claims credit for the GSK punishment.
    She needs to do some talking….
    Don’t hold your breath for any worldwide action against GSK by this government…not going to happen.

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