GSK In Developing Countries: Cervarix…

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No one knows exactly what led to her death or those of six others involved in the study in AP and the western state of Gujarat, where another drug, Cervarix, produced by GlaxoSmithKline, was used instead of Gardasil. Both Path and Merck insist that Gardasil is safe. A post-mortem carried out after the girl’s death suggested she had committed suicide – a conclusion her parents refuse to accept. A subsequent investigation by the federal government – which suspended the trial after the deaths sparked controversy – concluded it was unlikely the girls had died as a result of having been given the vaccine.

In a sense, though, the cause of Sarita’s death is besides the point. What is beyond dispute is that Sarita’s father and mother, Nageshwara and Venkatama, and the parents of hundreds of other tribal girls, were not informed their daughters were taking part in a trial – something that is in breach of guidelines laid down by the Medical Research Council of India, which demands that those participating in trials give “informed consent”. Sarita’s family are adivasis, tribal communities who are among the most vulnerable in India, and Sarita attended a government school and hostel, located a few miles from her home. Only tribal girls attend.

“Nobody came to ask us for permission,” said Sarita’s father, a farmer, sitting outside his thatched hut in the village of Anjipakka, as he remembered his daughter, who died in January 2010. “She enjoyed the hostel. She was a bright student and took part in all the social activities. She was intelligent. She wanted to become a doctor.”


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