An Update On The GSK Yemen Whistle-Blower….


“Any company that doesn’t get whistleblower letters isn’t looking hard enough,” he tells The Financial Times. “If you are not getting anything: don’t dream. It can’t be perfect 100 percent of the time.”

Andrew Witty, Financial Times/WSJ 2014

Regular readers of this blog would be aware that over the last few months a GSK whistle-blower from Yemen contacted me alleging all sorts of unethical shenanigans by some GSK personnel in Yemen (see here). At the moment I cannot publish all that I know however the following is a small update from the whistle-blower:

From GSK Yemen-

Following the Footprint Project, the procedure on the ‘Way of Working in the Footprint market’ has been approved and made effective from the 16th of February 2016 in MENA&CIS, UK, North America, LATAM, and Vaccines.

The SOP which is applicable to all GSK employees and complimentary workers covers the principles relating to all interactions and dealings in the ‘Footprint Markets’, namely Afghanistan, Cuba, Bolivia,  Burkana Faso, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Sudan, Paraguay, South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

About The Footprint Project

Following a review of businesses in countries across the world, and taking into account the social and political situation, GSK has decided to change the way it operates in a small number of countries, to ensure that our business is governed effectively and in accordance with international requirements. As a result, GSK has decided to close its operations and terminate its distribution agreements as far as they relate to the sale of GSK products in the private market and to adopt a new way of working model for the supply of medicines and vaccines in Footprint Markets.

GSK remains committed to provide access to GSK medicines and vaccines to patients in Footprint Markets. GSK remains committed to provide access to GSK medicines and vaccines to patients in footprint markets and will sell or otherwise distribute medicines (as appropriate) to international organizations or directly to governments. GSK will continue to work in partnership with local governments and international organizations to develop health care workers and to support other community health programmes aimed at improving patient access to medicines and healthcare.


From the GSK Whistle-Blower:

“…Closing of 19 markets  in 19 countries has been done by Andrew witty just before his retirement.

This decision will deprive patients in needs in these countries of essential GSK medicine since the government or private supranational organizations wouldn’t be able to supply these medicine or purchase them from GSK.

And this decision is opposite to GSK mission rather than the access to medicines.

Instead, GSK could terminate the corruption and maintain the business and the supplying of medicines to these low income patients.

For example what happened in Yemen, instead of terminate the corrupted employees, GSK terminate all employees and distribution agreements with agents to expand the suffering of all Yemeni patients. Question, where is the access to medicines and where is the mission of GSK in light of this decision!

Yemeni government wouldn’t be able to make up the role of local agents in purchasing the medicines from GSK or distribution. The same for supranational organizations…”

I’m surprised that the charity ‘Save The Children‘ hasn’t made a statement about these allegations yet -as they have already been published by Ed Silverman of Pharmalot/WSJ…

By Ed Silverman @Pharmalot

April 14, 2016

GlaxoSmithKline is conducting an internal investigation into allegations that its subsidiary in Yemen hired government employees to influence purchasing decisions and boost sales of its medicines.

Specifically, more than a half-dozen Glaxo employees allegedly have also held various paid positions — such as pharmacists — at the government health ministry. The allegations are similar to those made two years ago concerning its operations in Iraq.

“GSK has received allegations about staff conduct in Yemen and is investigating them thoroughly,” a company spokesman wrote us. He declined further comment.

Last month, Glaxo distributed a notice to its employees in Yemen — who only number about three dozen — that requires them to preserve documents in connection with United States and United Kingdom inquiries into its business practices in various markets. Pharmalot has reviewed a copy of the notice.

The drug maker is currently being investigated by the US Department of Justice and the US Securities and Exchange Commission for potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The UK’s Serious Fraud Office is also investigating Glaxo for possible criminal violations of the Bribery Act.

In connection with the US and UK probes, the Glaxo notice mentions that employees must retain documents concerning payments to health care providers and government entities, as well as any “concurrent” employment involving Glaxo personnel.

The notice also required employees in the Yemen subsidiary to preserve documents concerning the Tykerb breast cancer medication, which Glaxo transferred last year to Novartis as part of an asset swap that sent much of the Glaxo oncology business to Novartis in exchange for a vaccines unit.

This is only the latest instance in which Glaxo has conducted an internal probe into business practices in various countries. Over the past two years, the company has also confronted allegations of bribery in Poland, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

The most sensational episode, however, occurred three years ago in China, where GlaxoSmithKline was eventually found guilty by a Chinese court of bribing doctors, hospitals, and other nongovernment personnel and fined more than $490 million.

Glaxo is not the only drug maker encountering scrutiny over its business practices in far-flung markets.
Read More
After bribery episode, Bristol-Myers overhauls sales practices in China

In recent weeks, Novartis began an internal probe into allegations of bribery in Turkey and its South Korea offices were raided by authorities there. The company also agreed to pay $25 million to settle charges of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by making illegal payments to doctors in China.

And recently, Bristol-Myers Squibb ended payments to doctors in China shortly after agreeing to pay more than $14 million to resolve charges that it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by making illegal payments to health care providers in the country.



  1. High plains drifter

    And what is the corrupt Department of Justice going to do to GSK overseas, when under the Holder DOJ they spent millions of taxpayer dollars, maybe billions over 9 years reducing my 350 page complaint to 80 pages of lightweight crap.
    The leader of this charade , Sarah Bloom should be indicted or investigated…. She deprived the US taxpayers of tens of billions of dollars, by literally spending 9 years quashing my complaint, and sweeping the most serious and truthful allegations under the GSK carpet. A huge amount of money was stolen and NOT put back into Medicaid, Medicare or any other federal fund. It was spent on stalling for 9 years, while on the public dole.
    Witty, or as Bloom calls him.. “Poor Andrew” says this was all old news. BS..he was in on the Wellbutrin scam, the Imitrex scam, the Paxil scam and then left to go overseas. He was there when all of this started, or ended prematurely. Sir Witty is a common criminal, I know that…not some Poor victim of GSK crimes, including in reality outright murder of patients, by hiding clinical data.
    I am not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. is still going on for me as Bloom let guys like Joseph Piacentile, a Medicare Fraud Felon who lost his physician’s license by bilking the Medicare program of 22 million dollars…get paid off of my sweat and sacrifice…now he is paying off Obama for a pardon and suing me, the Felon who did nothing in the case wants 1 million dollars from me. The “others” paid him..the fake Whistlblowers 5 of them. I will fight the crook as long as it takes. He should be in prison right along with a number if DOJ employees. Sarah Bloom may have been the gopher, but even gophers squeal.
    What do you think I know after 15 years in the DOJ bowels of corruption ?
    I know it is all a facade, and I know the who, what, where and when of a lot of the corruption and if I am wrong, I guess we will find out.
    There will again be no price to pay for GSK anywhere in the world…nobody gets it ?
    If that’s true, and especially even a guy like Ed Silverman doesn’t get it…. then this country is dead already. Nobody wants to rock the sinking Ship of Fools at DOJ, it is disgusting.
    If she, Bloom.. was taking marching orders to give GSK a pass (3 months profit deprivation), and ANOTHER one of the unenforced “Corporate Integrity Agreements” , while all ready supposedly bound by at least two others….she needs to name some names.
    Holder went back to his same old job of defending GSK and others,with a huge bonus….anyone care? Especially since he waited until the civil Statute of Limitations was up, almost to the day…in the middle of his “appointment “. Sorry, this is criminal and if someone reads this besides the clone Obama appointed as his successor, who is ignoring the quid pro quo, maybe they should investigate. They are watching my every action, everyone else took their money and hid, except for Hamrick, who was never a whistlblower and now plays the hero role and even has a website like his Felon pal ..Piacentile, who he tossed a million dollars of taxpayer money to. My award for 15 years has been eaten up by slime attorneys and hefty taxes. (GSK gets to write off their civil fines) Unbelievable I could not make this whole story up, and have not given up 99 % of the worst. They will have to kill me first, and from what I have seen…even that us not something I would count out.
    Bring it on…anyone want the whole story truthman30 knows how to contact me..I am not in hiding like all the others.
    Greg Thorpe

  2. High plains drifter

    Oh, not just the Democrats either.
    Dan,the scam man, Troy was chief legal beagle at the FDA when I filed my case.
    I testified to the FDA and he became interested in having the entire complaint, even though sealed. Then the scam begins…GSK immediately hires him from head Attorney at FDA, Troy quits his job…sealed case in hand and GSK… a company who is NOT supposed to know the intricacies about the investigation now seemingly, by hiring the slime bag, money mongering Troy…no doubt now has the ability to form some sham defense, before the case is unsealed…with Troy as THEIR head legal counsel.
    I asked Sara BLOOM, if Troy. .now the lead attorney for GSK had recused himself. Her reply, “No unfortunately we have to deal with him !”
    I stated in no uncertain terms that Troy was hired from Lead Counsel at FDA to lead Counsel at GSK for one purpose. I was certain he had taken the sealed case with him to GSK and was paid a lot of money to come in board.
    This is a criminal act, by the way. ..suddenly Sara Bloom looked like a deer in the headlights, but said no more.
    However, months later..when we met again and I asked about Dan Troy, she said he recused himself . Duh. Too little , too late..GSK had the case, there is no doubt AND had the former law firm of Att. General Eric Holder defending them…Covington Burling. THEY are noted for having plenty of attorney whores working for them coming from all branches of the Federal Government. Just go to their website. The “revolving door syndrome ” of a lot of greedy bastards like Holder and Troy. …Oh, and it just so happens Dans brother Tevi Troy became the Asst. Head of HHS, ( Health and Human Services) who I also testified to.
    How about it Troy boys, any crimes committed? Maybe a house subcommittee should look into this since it ultimately lead directly to the loss of tens of Billions of civil and criminal fines….and nobody goes to jail from GSK or is personally held responsible.
    Really Ms. BLOOM…I think the honorable thing would be to blow the whistle on yourself, take the rap or get a plea bargain and name who you were really working for.
    It was NOT the taxpayers or patients that is certain.
    I am giving this information to this blog only, to a guy who has dedicated his life helping victims of GSK crimes.

    This is a start, I am hoping someone besides Politico will contact me…for the rest of the story.

    Good day.

    • Jakson brain

      Nice to hear from you, but what is the linkage between your thoughts articulated here and the subject or the content of this blog

      • High plains drifter

        After some 15 years, I have the right to help the in his efforts to totally discredit GSK and the criminals I have named above…the so called 3 billion dollar fine was a joke. Not many people know that, nor do they really know the intimate players in the whole scheme….You want me to shut up as I have for over a decade ? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU. This is a serious criminal conspiracy and I have only begun to expose GSK and their cohorts in government. If you don’t understand the importance, especially as it pertains to drugs like Paxil, then go back to sleep.

  3. Jakson Brain

    Totally advocate you and truthman, and I have elbeen exposed to the whole story of the dam gsk fraud and corruption from the top to the tale and i red and knew more than you. Small tip,for you, go ahead with supper attorney every single attempt to hit gsk and start betting with SECURITY AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION

  4. Jakson Brain

    You are a super hero no doubt, Tell the whole tale with no fear, but let me know please, is there any connection between your comments above and the story of topic blog! I’m an activist willing to WRITE A BIOGRAPHICAL BOOK OF THE DAM GSK X-CEO DITTY

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