GSK’s Myodil Dye Paralyzes Man And His Daughter Appeals To Other Sufferers

I just wanted to highlight a a recent comment from one of my readers.
It’s in response to my recent post about GSK’s Myodil Dye destroying people’s lives..
Like Seroxat, the Myodil controversy is ongoing…
Many thousands of people have been harmed, maimed, and killed by both of these GSK products…
But these are things that CEO Andrew Witty never addresses because he would like to airbrush them out of his imaginary GSK mythology…
How would you respond to this lady Sir Witty?
How would you respond about Myodil or Seroxat destroying lives?
Do you give a damn?
How would you feel if this was your father?
60,000 Australians alone – were affected by Myodil..
So how many were maimed worldwide is anyone’s guess..
And then add Seroxat and all the other GSK poisons to that number and how many people’s lives destroyed do you get? and these are individual lives- what about the damage to their families and friends who have to pick up the pieces?
GSK have likely destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives..

Kerri griffin

“…My father became paralysed from the waist down a few years later after having myodil injected into him… Sadly he past away over 20 years ago now at the young age of 49… A year before he past away he was in contact with a solicitor (lawyer) that was ready to sue Glaxo over his disability unfortunately he didn’t get his day due to him passing and my mother not pursuing it… I’d advise anyone go get some legal advice because my father had a good case… P.s. I’m from the U.K…”


THEY are the forgotten Australians – 60,000 victims of a devastating medical practice that has left them crippled with pain, paralysed and incontinent.

This week they enjoyed a rare ray of light when Federal Parliament said they deserved the help and support of the drug company linked to their suffering.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which for 42 years marketed a dye used in an X-ray procedure connected to their pain, has been told to set up a charitable foundation to help.

However, while the pharmaceutical giant told News Limited it was “considering” the parliamentary report’s recommendations, it has so far not yet committed to providing any assistance.

I guess if you look at GSK’s website they talk about openness and transparency, but I felt they hadn’t taken responsibility for this and assisted the people who were affected,” he said.

“Where you take no responsibility it smacks of the tobacco industry’s approach to smoking and cancer,” he told News Limited.

The parliamentary roundtable said it had no power to order GSK to pay the victims’ compensation – that was a matter for the courts.

In 2000 GSK faced a class action from 140 Australian victims of the dye, the case was settled out of court and the payouts were confidential .

In 1995, 3,600 UK victims sued GSK but only 426 received an average payout of 16,000 British pounds in an out of court settlement.

In a statement this week GSK said it “had the utmost sympathy for the people who have been, and are, afflicted by arachnoiditis” and believed it had “acted responsibly at all times in relation to the supply of myodil”.


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