Seroxat Group action – latest news

From The Times
August 22, 2005
Top-selling drug linked to increased suicide risk
By Nigel Hawkes, Health Edito

ONE of Britain’s most widely prescribed antidepressants has been linked to a seven-fold increase in suicide attempts.

An analysis of trials for Seroxat involving more than 1,500 patients found seven suicide attempts among those taking the drug and only one among those taking a placebo. Suicidal thoughts were also commoner among those taking Seroxat (paroxetine), by a factor of three to one.

Almost 2.4 million prescriptions for the drug were issued in England last year.

The data was available even before Seroxat was first licensed in 1990, the Norwegian researchers found.



I am looking forward to seeing the truth about GSK’s notorious SSRI poison (killer) drug Seroxat aired in the High Court in London… What have GSK kept from the public all these years? How many lives could have been spared if people had known how dangerous Seroxat is?…

In my opinion, Seroxat should never have been licensed in the first place..

It’s dangerous and it’s a killer drug with horrendous side effects..

Maybe when the truth comes out in the high court, the MHRA will restrict it -or  even better- ban it?

I won’t hold my breath for that, but I am really looking forward to this trial because there are many thousands of people still addicted to Seroxat and GSK should be doing something to help them… or at least advising doctors properly on what to do..

see Seroxat Secrets For More on this…

seroxat secrets...

Great news about the Seroxat Withdrawal Group Litigation in England… we are on our way to trial! AT LAST!!

I’m sure if you read Bob Fiddaman’s blog you know already – see here – but I thought I’d wait until we had passed the time limit for GSK to appeal Mr Justice Foskett’s judgement to proceed with the Seroxat Withdrawal Group Litigation. That time has passed and there was no appeal… we are on our way to trial! AT LAST!!

If you happen to be one of the group claimants and you HAVE NOT received forms from Fortitude Law in the past 2 weeks, then you should contact Fortitude Law via email at or telephone on 0203 667 3775 without delay.

I think I’ll say it again, just because I can … ‘Judgment has been received from the Honourable Mr. Justice Foskett to proceed with the Seroxat Withdrawal Group Litigation’. 


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  1. High plains drifter

    I will testify, same thing here, except a corrupt and incompetent Department of Justice basically gave Paxil a free pass in comparison to the damage caused….3 billion dollars a year, the year I filed.
    56 million dollar civil crime…nobody goes to jail. 3 billion would have been a small fine for Paxil alone, yet 3 billion dollars was the entire fine for 9 drugs….No help from first incompetent Counsel..then too late. Same marketing plan and studies all over the world…Massive cover up here.
    9 years of bullshit from lead prosecutor Bloom…don’t let them bullshit you there.
    Congrats, Truth man… Fuck GSK.

  2. kiwi

    This is fantastic news.
    Wonder if it will happen this year? Any date set?
    Just hope this doesn’t get settled out of court. Because if it does GSK just get to carry on business as usual and that will be considered a tragic defeat for the millions of voiceless-harmed, in my opinion. All claimants gagged so they can never talk about it ever again. Bob might even loose his website. Each claimant , 500? of them offered, say 2 million each to shut up and go away …then thats only a 1 billion dollars. Thats nothing to GSK ! This is a company that can take 3 billion out of petty cash! Then paroxetine continues to be safe not addictive and no side effects!

    Here’s hoping they let the judge decide!!

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