Interesting Comment Left By An Ex- GSK Employee

There have been some interesting comments on my blog the last few days. I found the following one (left on a post about GSK’s extensive bribery network in China) most interesting…


“….This article and others did not come as a surprise to me but came rather as validation. I was personally trampled over by Lord and the most senior of GSK corporate executives then tossed aside in a heap.

While the matters I raised were unrelated to financial misconduct, they were in many ways as serious if not more serious.

They included blatant violations of the Corporate Integrity Agreement and many downstream internal/external compliance obligations. Those unresolved matters also present very serious risk to the best interest of shareholder as well as public safety. Lies run a sprint while the truth runs a marathon… “

I don’t know if these allegations (which the individual here has drawn attention to) will ever see the public light of day, as many GSK crimes often get hushed up quite quickly, nullified, or swept under the carpet.

However it will be interesting to see what might bear fruit in this case…

From the experiences of the whistle-blowers I have had contact with over the years (and there have been several), it seems that GSK is mainly concerned with undermining, containing, or squashing whistle-blowers (and their allegations of unethical behavior) as opposed to supporting them..

The article/thesis on GSK’s China Bribe Scandal is well worth reading in it’s entirety, however here is a good excerpt:

“...One of the clear lessons from the GSK matter is that serious allegations of bribery and corruption require a serious corporate response. Not, as GSK did in their best Inspector Clouseau imitation, failing to find the nose on their face.
I was particularly focused on GSK’s response to at least two separate reports from an anonymous whistleblower (brilliantly monikered as GSK Whistleblower of allegations of bribery and corruption going on in the company’s China business unit.
Further, and more nefariously, is GSK’s documented treatment of and history with internal whistleblowers. One can certainly remember GSK whistleblower Cheryl Eckard. Graeme Wearden reported that Eckard was fired by the company “after repeatedly complaining to GSK’s management that some drugs made at Cidra were being produced in a non sterile environment, that the factory’s water system was contaminated with micro organisms, and that other medicines were being made in the wrong doses.
She later was awarded $96MM as her share of the settlement of a Federal Claims Act whistleblower lawsuit. Eckard was quoted as saying, “It’s difficult to survive this financially, emotionally, you lose all your friends, because all your friends are people you have at work. You really do have to understand that it’s a very difficult process but very well worth it.
So to think that GSK may simply have been SHOCKED, SHOCKED, that allegations of corruption were brought by an internal whistleblower may well be within..”

Worthy of note also is a recent comment by (presumably) Greg Thorpe (the first whistle-blower to file against GSK which resulted in a 3 billion dollar fine in 2012).

See here:

“…..After I did the best I could to nail GSK with a DOJ that reduced my complaint by about 400 %, and gave them a 3 billion dollar gift….they soon announced they were going to concentrate on ” other” foreign countries. I told them then that their former US
Model of kickbacks, fraud and off label marketing may slow down here in the US, but they would be doing the same overseas. If we only knew everything they did in the various countries in totality….it would be a real story.

I predicted it, and all they have been caught on NOW….Is the tip of the iceberg, trust me. This company is evil, imagine what they are doing in the third world….they let millions die in Africa of HIV, because a years wages were one day of treatment. …then years later…nearing generic competition, they finally come forward with great fanfare, because it was worth pennies per pill…after 10 years of gouging and millions of deaths
So YEAH Brits., let’s Knight Andrew Witty, killer sociopath, involved in the US corruption also and hidden by the DOJ.

Anyone want the story, beginning in 2001 ? Nobody would believe it…my phone and computer were tapped, I was treated like a second class citizen, or criminal by the DOJ in the Holder regime…as a whistlblower.

A gag order on me for 10 years, supposed to be 6 months under the FCA. The story is incredible, nobody will come forward. If they do there will be repercussions, stay tuned…”


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  1. BOB FIDDAMAN (@Fiddaman)

    Fair play to the ex GSK employee coming forward. I would imagine they can’t really say too much because of on-going legal matters, particularly where the Serious Fraud Office and their current investigation is concerned. Lord, if you remember, was one of the three GSK employees who was interviewed by the SFO, the other two being Paul Reynolds and Justin Mayger.

    Great work, Truthman!

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